Five Hot TV Detectives We’d Let Investigate Us

These hot TV detectives will have you on the case!

[Note from Frolic: This guide to detective shows is brought to you by our friends at Kensington. Looking for your next great detective read? Look no further than The Intended Victim by Alexandra Ivy, out now!]

Sometimes, the heroes and heroines in the books we read are so sexy that we can’t fathom someone being that attractive in real life. For example, we are unbelievably smitten with Ash from Alexandra Ivy’s new novel, The Intended Victim. He has it all: the brains, the bod, and the strength–everything that makes us swoon. He’s also a detective! Naturally, we went on a hunt for more detective stories. There’s something so fun about following a whip-smart detective through a twisty mystery in a TV show, movie or book. The other perk? These detectives are always very easy on the eyes. Here are six hot TV detectives that will have you switching the dial to their shows!

Chloe Decker from Lucifer

Okay, we could include the whole cast of Lucifer on this list, but Chloe Decker takes the cake. She’s a former actress turned badass homicide detective. She’s always one step ahead of the bad guys, and uses her smarts to solve the toughest of crimes! She’s also one of the most stylish detectives on TV. We’ll take seven of her leather jackets, please!

Warrick Brown from CSI

You know we had to include someone from the OG detective show, CSI! Will we ever get over how good his biceps look? Doubtful. 

Amy Santiago from B99

We here at Frolic can’t get enough of the badass ladies of Brooklyn 99! Amy is smart, geeky, and downright adorable. How does she make a police uniform look so good?

Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock

There have been countless adaptations of the fabulous Sherlock Holmes throughout history, but one of the most well-known is Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal on Sherlock. Curly hair is coming back in style, y’all. 

Cameron Black from Deception

Though it only aired for one season, Deception blessed us with magician turned criminal investigator Cameron Black. Cameron used his smooth magic skills to solve crimes in style!

Veronica Mars from Veronica Mars

It’s a scientific fact that Kristen Bell doesn’t age. Her smile could charm anyone. She certainly stole our hearts as Veronica Mars!

Honorable Mention: Ash Marcel from The Intended Victim by Alexandra Ivy

We could all use our own sexy detective to keep us safe and…for other stuff. Ash Marcel is strong, handsome and a whip-smart detective. When a serial killer strikes Chicago, Ash must both solve the mystery and keep the love of his life safe. This story will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you fall in love at the same time!

Who’s your favorite TV detective? Let us know in the comments!

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