Five Magical Reads for a Rainy Day

5 Magical Reads for a Rainy Day

By Jordan Hickey (@pagetravels)

Picture this: you wake up at a leisurely late hour on a weekend where you have no plans. You’re looking forward to relaxing and taking a break from the busy schedule you deal with incessantly during the week. You look outside your window and see an endless gray sky of clouds, and it’s in that moment that you suddenly notice the light pitter patter of rain on your windows.

If you’re me, this is the point at which you snuggle a little bit deeper into your blankets and really start to look forward to the day. You allow yourself a smile and just take a moment to enjoy the calming noise of raindrops hitting glass.

Of course, the immediate question that subsequently pops into your mind is what you’re going to read given this new weather development. Personally, whenever it rains, I search for a book I know is going to be atmospheric and flush with magic. Beautiful, descriptive writing is an added plus, although, naturally, there’s no way to predict that going in. Regardless, I feel that all these factors perfectly set the scene for a tranquil day enjoying the wet climate.

So, instead of spending an hour deciding what book to read (as I often do, rain or shine), here are 5 amazing books that couldn’t be more perfect for a rainy day spent indoors.

Caraval by Stephanie Garber

This book is about as enchanting as it gets. It takes place in a magical carnival where you’re constantly left guessing whether the plot twists are real or simply a part of the game the characters engage in. Stephanie Garber’s writing is gorgeous, and she paints her world so that you can perfectly envision each and every detail of the setting. This story is so enrapturing that you’ll without a doubt find yourself lost in the game alongside the cast of characters.

Wintersong by S. Jae Jones

A dark and lyrical tale of a girl who ventures into the underworld to save her sister, Wintersong is an intense story of romance and self-discovery. Jae-Jones really dives into exploring the darkness of the Goblins’ Underground, and the focus on music in this book only adds to its captivating nature. This novel will draw you in and keep you hooked thanks to Jae-Jones’s melodic writing, and everything only gets better in book two.

Quick warning: if you are planning on reading the sequel, be aware that it deals pretty heavily with depression and mental illness.

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

Not only are Three Dark Crowns and its sequels some of my favorite magical reads, they represent one of my favorite series EVER. I’d say the writing in this one is probably the least descriptive and mesmerizing of the books I’m mentioning, but that’s because this book is more plot-driven than the others. It’s action-packed and will keep you on the edge of your seat the ENTIRE time while you read, yet the world the story is set in will hold your fascination just as much as the plot itself. The magical elements of this series are simplistic in nature yet they contribute to an intricate narrative of sisterhood and the dangers of striving for power.

Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore

Ok, Wild Beauty would probably have to be my #1 recommendation on this list if you’re looking for a rainy day read: in my opinion, it encapsulates what I look for in a magical and immersive book like no other. McLemore’s writing style is one of my favorite’s, if not my absolute favorite, I’ve ever come across, and the stories she spins are endlessly beautiful in every way. Wild Beauty is my particular pick of her books because, more so than her other works, this book felt like it didn’t need an exciting plot or heart-racing action to be perfect: the point of this book was the exploration of magic and the descriptiveness of the writing more so than anything else. Everything in this novel will take your breath away and leave you in awe of the characters, romance, and settings.

Grim Lovelies by Megan Shepherd

This book blends an atmospheric setting with an incredibly exciting plot wonderfully. It’s set in a semi-fantasy version of Paris (need I say more?) and includes a glittering magic system that is dark and intriguing. It takes you on a whirlwind adventure discovering both Paris and the French countryside where you’ll meet characters who were once animals seeking to stay human, witches both good and evil, and mischievous goblins among other magical beings. It’ll keep you turning the page and will have you anxious to find out what happens while also making you want nothing more than to remain immersed in its world.

And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen and non-binary friends. There are, of course, countless other magical and enchanting novels out there, but those are my top five. Now, next time you find yourself indoors while a rainstorm rages outside and you’re searching for the perfect book to read, you have a list that might just help you get started.

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