Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist


Have you started watching Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist yet? It’s the hottest new show that we can’t get enough of. Once a week simply isn’t enough! Here are five reasons to fall as deeply in love with it as we have.

1. The Genre-Bending Fun

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is contemporary at heart, but has a touch of fantasy we have seldom seen the likes of in recent years. When Zoey’s MRI goes wrong, she gains the ability to hear people’s innermost thoughts in the form of song. It’s part musical, part romance, part absurdist, and we can’t get enough. All of the pieces fit together so perfectly.

2. The Ensemble Cast

Though this is ZOEY’S playlist, this show is not without a rich cast of characters. We’re so in love with Max, Simon, Mo and all the rest that we can’t stand it! Each brings a different perspective and unique voice to the show.

3. Zoey Herself

Played by the irresistable Jane Levy, Zoey is one of our favorite characters on TV right now! She’s cute, spunky and a powerful woman in the workplace! We love watching her get confused over the musical numbers she hears. 

4. The Romance

There are so many delicious will-they-won’t-they’s in this show. Including some downright adorable seranades. 

5. The Playlist

It’s called Zoey’s extraordinary PLAYLIST, after all! The music in this show is downright irresistable! They use a mix of classics, old favorites and current hits. Did we mention everyone on this show can sing!? 

We know you’re looking for something to watch this weekend, so why not make it Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist?


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