Five Reasons to Stop What You’re Doing and Watch Deadly Class

Deadly Class

Lana Condor led me to Deadly Class. Like the rest of the population, I lost my mind over To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and promptly followed her on Instagram (my celebrity “stalking” platform of choice). So when she shared the trailer for Deadly Class, of course I clicked through.


Everything about this show (based on the comics by Rick Remender) is right up my alley. To the point where I’ve ordered all the comics because I have needs and those needs include a deep dive into this world.

Since then, I’ve watched the first episode…Ahem…a few times. And, let me just say, I am 100% in for the season. Why? Let me tell you…

1. The Entire Premise

Assassins! Private School! Cliques! The 80s!

The basic set up is that this homeless teen (Marcus) with a tragic past is admitted to this private school to learn to be an assassin. But he’s not a legacy and he is tossed to the bottom of the totem pole from day one. There are cliques and rules and everyone breaking said rules, and we get to immerse ourselves right along with him. It’s set in the 80s mid-Reagan administration (his releasing the mentally ill patients plays a large role in the story). It’s glorious.

2. Marcus’s Soulful Eyes

Okay, so like Marcus as a general whole deserves appreciation, but he’s got this young Oscar Isaac thing going that I really dig. Dude it out of his element but trying his best and he’s got all sorts of skeletons rattling around in his closet. Beyond that, he’s still a teenage boy, which means he gets into trouble immediately because he’s checking out the ladies and…

He’s awesome and you immediately feel for him and root for him, and they couldn’t have chosen a better lead to carry us through this show.

3. Badass Ladies

You know that saying that the female is the more deadly of the species? It’s especially seen in this group of characters. The men posture and, sure, they’re scary and will definitely murder you, but the women are the true stand-outs.

You have Saya (our girl Lana Condor!) who is quiet and a little snarky and has got scowls for DAYS. Not to mention her full-sleeve tattoos, swords, and the fact that she’d working behind the scenes on secret “projects” for the headmaster (how high is her kill count? I’m betting high).

Then there’s Maria, who’s playing multiple sides against the middle. Her goals are unclear at this point, but she doesn’t hesitate to manipulate the men around her using their expectations and idiot-teenage-boy-ness. Is she looking to have Marcus kill her boyfriend and clear the way for her take over her particular clique? Something else? I NEED TO KNOW, MARIA. Not to mention the fact that she’s gorgeous and totally owns her sexuality, and that’s awesome.

And then there’s Brandy Lynn who’s an out and out racist Southern belle type. Is she badass? Dunno. But this show has already shown a tendency to play with expectations, so I’m content to wait and see how it plays out.

4. The Teachers

We get looks at three main teachers. Master Lin, of course, is the man who owns the school, founded by his grandfather. He’s got a tragic past, a total peace with making the call over who lives and who dies, and he’s playing a deeper game than anyone.

The martial arts teacher is this badass lady who’s name I’m not quite sure of, but she gives a great speech, has a deadly glare, and is someone I would like to see more of, please and thank you.

Last, but never least, is Henry Rollins. Okay, yes, I know he has another name in the show, but he’s my favorite ball of human-shaped rage and has a deep history with the punk culture, and so I was really, really happy to see him show up onscreen here. He fits and being a German poison instructor is just icing on the cake.

5. The Punk Culture

Speaking of punk culture, this show full-on embraces it. Upon arriving at the school, Marcus is taken under the wing of Billy, our resident punk leader-type. As he says, they’re the losers, the ones nobody wants, but they have more than enough attitude to go around.

I have a deep and abiding weakness for punks. DEEP AND ABIDING. So, like I said… Katee Catnip.

If any of these things sound like they’re up your alley, Deadly Class airs at 10pm on the SYFY channel.


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