Five Sexy Soccer Romances In Honor of World Cup


So this weekend is the 21st annual FIFA world cup, which is like, a huge deal for soccer (futbol?) fans around the world. It will be playing on pretty much every TV around the world with millions of people gathered around their screens cheering on their favorite teams, or in my case, their favorite soccer hotties. That being said, not everyone is a fan of watching the world cup and will need some entertainment while their spouses are shouting expletives at their televisions when their team isn’t performing the way they’d hoped. SO THAT’S WHERE I COME IN!!!! I have compiled a list of all the best soccer romances that will make your heart beat as fast as mine when I first saw Christian Ronaldo shirtless. Grab your kindle and prepare to binge!!

Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey

Uhm HELLO HOTNESS. This Book features a whole punch of soccer players; including a smoking hot soccer coach that is STRICTLY off limits. Does that stop Kinsley from trying? NO!!! I read this book in one sitting and have absolutely zero regrets about it. R.S. Grey has such a unique writing style; combining comedy and sexiness, reading her books is the perfect way to spend your FIFA weekend! (but just so we are clear, DIBBS ON WILDER.)

Kulti by Mariana Zapata

This book is a MONSTER, coming in at around 570 pages, which is A LOT for a romance book. But do not let that deter you. It’s one of those books that you want to keep reading even after you’ve finished! Kulti is the man of young Sal’s dreams and her long forgotten childhood favorite soccer player. But that all changes when she finds out that he is going to be her professional soccer coach. After meeting him, she quickly realizes that he isn’t the insanely passionate guy that he once was. Their relationship starts off as a love hate situation but quickly blossoms into something deeper. This was one of the first soccer romances that I had ever read and its responsible causing me to read all of the others on this list!

The Player by Claire Contreras

So as you all know, I’m a SUCKER for tropes and THE PLAYER features another one of my faves!!! Taming the bad boy! LOL. I was recommended this book by a friend after falling into a reading slump. She told me that it was guaranteed to pull me out of my slump and SHE WAS TOTALLY RIGHT. I started this book one Friday night around 9pm, hoping to read a few pages and then pass out early like a real party animal. But that isn’t what happened. I ended up finishing the book THAT NIGHT. Seriously, I stayed up until 3am reading!!! I could not put it down! Warren Silva is the bad boy soccer star of my dreams and watching him fall head over heels for Camila is incredible. Also did I mention that this book is HOT?! Oh yeah, it’s hot.

Juked by M.E Carter (Texas Mutiny #1)

So far all of the books on this list are predominantly sexy and sometimes a little funny, but JUKED is SO FREAKING SWEET. Daniel is a soccer star in Houston, TX and one of the city’s most eligible bachelors. Quincy is a sweet hairdresser that has more baggage than a Kardashian vacation. But once their unlikely friendship begins, you will be hooked! I love the slow burn of their friendship and watching it blossom into so much more. If you are into sad back stories and sexy soccer players, this is the book for you!

One Good Man by Emma Scott

Hello 1970’s soccer hottie!!!! This book. YOU GUYS. THIS BOOK. It is so refreshing. I absolutely loved that it was set in the 1970’s instead of present day. I feel like within the romance community we have a major gap in time period writing! Where are all my 1970s-80s romances? I mean, id even take a 90s romance at this point!!!! What makes ONE GOOD MAN even better is that it features a playboy soccer player who is quick witted has an accent?! I also love that Janey is a journalist who wants to be respected. It brings in the feminist aspect that I love so much! This book is on the shorter side so if you only have time for a small reading break between all of the soccer games this weekend, this is the book for you!

Now that you have my soccer romance picks, grab a beer and a few snacks and enjoy FIFA weekend!!!!!! If I missed any soccer reads, feel free to send me a message so that I can spend my weekend binge reading all of them as well!!!

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