For the Love of Dylan O’Brien

Dylan O'Brien has had a great career, from Teen Wolf to American Assassin. Here are some of the things we've loved watching him in.

Dylan O’Brien was THE 2010s teen heartthrob. The man. The myth. The moles. The hands. The legend! Here’s a look back at some of his best moments over the past decade.

1. The YouTube Era

There are SO many hidden gems on Dylan’s YouTube channel, beginning with the Katiesopinion debacle and ending years later with his video about being an actor. Dylan’s videos are nonsensical but oh so much fun. WE suggest starting with “True Wannabee and going from there. 

2. The Teen Wolf Era

Need we say more? Stiles had THE glow-up of the century on Teen Wolf. He has some of the funniest lines in the show, and his physical comedy is unmatched. Not to mention the iconic fire he brought to the Nogitsune.


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3. The First Time Era

This one overlapped with the Teen Wolf era, but we are so in love with Dylan’s performance as Dave. The First Time is a brilliantly acted rom-com that is a must watch for any Dylan fan. 

4. The Maze Runner Era

Also overlapping with some other notable Dylan eras were the Maze Runner movies. Dylan had the opportunity to show off his acting chops like never before in this trilogy. 

5. The American Assassin Era

No one saw this coming! We still remember when the first photos were released. It was truly a day to remember. This was one of Dylan’s darkest roles, and he absolutely slayed it, no pun intended. 

What’s your favorite Dylan O’Brien project?


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