For Vampire Lovers, Tracy Wolff’s CRAVE series is a Must-Read

Must-Read Vampire Book Crave by Tracy Wolff

Spooky season is upon us, and that means this is the perfect time to dive into a fresh new vampire novel. Luckily, we’ve found your new favorite series: Crave by Tracy Wolff!

The Crave series has two books so far: Crave, and Crush, which comes out on September 29. We were lucky enough to read an advance copy of Crush and holy crap, you guys, it is AMAZING. If vampires aren’t your jam, they’re about to be. Here are four reasons to make the Crave series your next binge read.

1. The Twisty Boarding School Mystery

When Grace first arrives at the mysterious Katmere Academy, she’s reeling from the unexpected death of her parents. She’s hurt, confused and all kinds of freaked out, especially because the students there are, well, pretty strange. What’s with those weird orange coolers in the cafeteria? And why is there a literal dungeon under the school? You’ll have a great time figuring out all of Katmere’s mysteries alongside Grace.

2. The Hilarious, Authentic Voice

Our protagonist, Grace, is sweet, adorable and effortlessly funny. From her hilarious inner monologue to the one-liners she gives her friends, you’ll find yourself laughing in every single chapter. Wolff writes with a youthful voice that doesn’t feel forced at all, incorporating hashtags and other fun elements into the story. 

3. A Sweet Romance with Some Bite

When we first meet the mysterious Jaxon Vega, we expect him to be a textbook vampire bad boy. And he is that…kind of. But he also takes the time to send Grace books, breakfast foods and other sweet gifts. The romance in Crave is going to make you feel all kinds of fuzzy, we promise.

4. The Twists and Turns

We can’t tell you anything about Crush, and we wouldn’t want to! What we will say is that if Crave is a thrill ride, Crush is the most intense roller-coaster in existence. It has so many things we love: action, magic, romance, banter, hot guys, BANTER, and a last twist that will leave you thinking about it for days. Nothing at Katmere Academy is what you’d expect, and uncovering each twist and turn makes for a fantastic journey. 

We can’t recommend the Crave series enough! It’s perfect for fans of Twilight, Vampire Academy and Bloodlines. Get into the spooky spirit and check out this series today. 

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