Four Norse Books Hotter than Thor


Sometimes I dive down a rabbit hole of topics that I love in my books but don’t read often.  One of my favorite things to read are books that are based on Norse Lore. Once I start, I can’t stop. If you’ve never dived into a book after watching Chris Hemsworth and his mighty hammer or Tom Hiddleston with his amazing smirk in Thor, please use the list below to get you started. Or Maybe you’re obsessed with the show Vikings and can’t get enough of village raiders with their swords unleashed. Let me tell you what are some of my favorite books to read when I’m feeling a Nordic itch. 

The First Girl Child by Amy Harmon

The First Girl Child by Amy Harmon inspired this post. It’s a heavily researched new novel that is perfection for anyone who loves this type of book. It tells the story of a cursed village and it’s clan. The characters jump right off the pages and the intricate plot makes it unputdownable. And no worries, it has a slow build of a romance that pulls at your heartstrings. I want to hug all of my favorite characters every time something happens to them that i was not ready for. It is a journey and one that is unforgettable. 

Valkyrie Rising by Ingrid Paulson

Valkyrie Rising by Ingrid Paulson is an unforgettable book. This was one of the first YA Norse books I read and I still go back and pick it up. Our heroine must go to Norway to visit her grandmother but, this year is unlike any other year. The small village her grandmother lives in is plagued by mysterious disappearances and the villagers are restless. As rumors began surfacing about the source of the problem, Ellie finds herself right in the midst of the problem. Or is she the solution? This book packs adventure, lore and an empowering heroine. 

The Last Valkyrie by Karina Espinosa

Karina Espinosa’s The Last Valkyrie is an urban twist on this Valkyrie story. It follows a fallen Valkyrie stuck on Earth with no friend in sight. Odin takes his banishments seriously and this Valkyrie is forced to roam with no direction. This adventure is not for the faint-hearted. There’s a mix of mystical creatures on the same plight as our heroine, Raven. This is a series and I am anxiously awaiting the next book in the series as Raven encounters new demons, rescue missions and new layers of herself. 

The Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole

Krelsey Cole’s Immortals after Dark has a mix of legends in its series. This series brought me back to reading after a long hiatus, specifically the Valkyrie heroines. This group of women are friends looking to kick ass while protecting the world, and in the middle of saving the world, they somehow come across their mates. I loved reading who each is destined to because they’re always so opposite! The things they have to get through in order to find a happy ending are insane but, so fun to read. From temples long forgotten to Bourbon Street, this series has it all. 

What are some of your go to when you want to read outside of your regular reads?

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