Four Poems that Shine like Starlight


When you wish upon a star…you get these four amazing modern love poems!

From Shrutee Choudhary:

Ironically, the open sky is a ravel of mysteries. Yet all we see when we look above is uninhibited vastness, which seems to us like freedom from where we stand.

And in that open space, there are a billion things unknown to us, and so unknown to themselves. Because so far, only humans have been able to decipher any meaning from the Universe and beyond. At least that’s what we like to think. But have we deciphered anything at all?

Sometimes I think, the only things that are genuine are ones that still remain inexplicable to us. Things that even our brilliant minds can not articulate with their sound logic and reasoning. Things that often leave us feeling helpless because we cannot control or define them.

I’m far from knowledgeable when it comes to physics and the comprehension of the cosmos but I am a poet, who finds inspiration in the stars. And I see there is a pattern that surrounds us, if you really look. Scientists will give it a name, mathematicians will have something else to add but to me, it’s a grand design, a piece of art and we are mere fragments of it.

Earlier today, I read about binary stars. They are two stars that are gravitationally bound together, orbiting their common center of mass; and I immediately ran out to spot them. It’s the rarest sight, impossible to see even through the most powerful telescope because from this great, great distance, they appear as one.

And suddenly to me, that phenomenon became the very definition of love.

I’m going to bed thinking that maybe, from a great, great distance, you and I look like binary stars.

From Adelle Woods:

the sun & the moon

our eyes meet,

like rain on a

summer’s day;

a collision

of ice

and fire.

a disaster


a masterpiece

all in one.

you & me,

the world

at our feet.


we are

two hearts,

two minds,

two skeletons.

my breath

seeps into

your lungs

and we come

to breathe

as one.

we, like the sun

and the moon,

share the same

night sky.


we love

the same way

we hate;




if I break,

you will break too,

and there is something


about that.


my hand

will slip

from yours


the void

between us

will grow

and empty space

will wrap its hands

around my throat.

but as long

as the stars

stay pinned

to the sky,

I will stay


to you.

From Adil Dad:

Dragons and More


The glow in your voice is something only a few get to witness. They won’t know how it has the power to illuminate entire worlds.

From Zahra:

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