Frolic Exclusive: The Cast of The Percy Jackson Musical Reveal Their Favorite Songs from the Show!


[Note from Frolic: We’re more than a little smitten with the cast of The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical. We were STOKED, pun intended, when we got the opportunity to ask them some of our most burning questions.]

Frolic Asks the Lightning Thief Cast: What’s your favorite number from the show, and why?
James Hayden Rodriguez (Luke and others) says…

From a personal perspective, the song “Strong” resonates so heavily with me. I remember hearing that song for the first time in our first week of rehearsal and just crying! It was triggering really. I remember being young and feeling so lost. Feeling like I didn’t understand the world or myself enough to figure anything out. Sally Jackson hits Percy with some important truth and knowledge in this moment, explaining that “the things that make you different are the very things that make you strong.” This is a hard lesson for anyone to learn and it’s heart-breaking watching our young protagonist struggle through his  self-discovery because he hasn’t  fully accepted this reality yet. 

I am also obsessed with “Tree on a Hill”  because it’s the moment that really defines Grover as a three-dimensional character. He is not just a fumbling, half-goat serving us comedic gems. He has a long back story that has shaped who he is. You finally understand his fear and reluctance. He, like Percy, is crippled by guilt, and this quest is proving more and more how capable he really is, although he doesn’t see it yet.

Kristin Stokes headshot
Kristen Stokes (Annabeth Chase) says…
I honestly love all the songs. My favorite constantly changes, but “Bring on the Monsters” is pretty much always my top choice. I love being on stage with the cast after we all have (really) gone through this epic journey, and we’re exhausted and sweaty – but would rather be nowhere else in the world. It’s this rocking “call to action” song and musically all of our character’s themes come into play to serve the whole. It’s always energizing and a great way to end our night.
Jalynn Steele
Jalynn Steele (Sally and others) says…

“Strong” is my favorite song because of the message behind it. “The things that make you different are the very things that make you strong.” Those lyrics are such good advice for every single person this day and age; it’s our quirks, and faults, and imperfections that make us who we are as unique and awesome individuals.

Jorrel Javier headshot
Jorell Javier (Grover and Mr. D)

My favorite song in the entire musical is the “Good Kid” Reprise. Hands down. It was always the song I would never skip, it is my go-to Lightning Thief karaoke song, and I can’t count how many times the streets of New York have heard me do a dramatic interpretation of that song on the way to wherever I’m goin’. It’s just so good.

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