Frolic Podcast Network Weekly Wrap-up: Growing TBRs, Love Is Blind and More!

Frolic Podcast Network Weekly Wrap-up!

Want to find your next bingeable podcast? Don’t know where to start? Scared you’ve missed something?  We have listed episodes from our amazing podcasters from the last week for you to check out!

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: 398. Bitches Assemble: Recommendations for Comfort with Sneezy, Ellen, Tara, Maya and Aarya

Need a break? We are back with some of the SBTB team, who offer more comforting recommendations, and extend their good wishes into the world. This week, Sneezy, Ellen, Maya, Tara, and Aarya want to tell you about new books, old favorites, and some games that are bringing them comfort. We’re sending you good thoughts and many good book wishes from a safe and acceptable social distance. TW/CW: The stress of witnessing global racism during Sneezy’s interview.

The Creative Introvert Podcast
The Creative Introvert: The Stages of Creativity

It can be useful in seeing the different ways you might excel in different dimensions of creativity. Some people love nothing more than coming up with loads of bonkers ideas, some creatives love to edit and refine their work. Some are more big picture thinkers, some are more details oriented. In any case, I’m going to give you a map of the stages of the creative process, in the hope that you can use it to flow into creative projects with greater ease and joy.

Click here for where to listen.

Dateable Podcast
Dateable: Season 10 Episode 7: Six Feet Apart: Dating on Lockdown

Is it even possible to date during Coronavirus? We talk to a bunch of daters who are learning to adapt to this new normal and stay connected without leaving their home. We discuss video first dates to virtual sex parties, how to form deeper connections in this time, and the changes COVID-19 is likely to bring to our dating lives even after this pandemic passes.

Shelf Love Podcast
Shelf Love: White Whiskey Bargain by Jodie Slaughter with Charish Reid: Be Proud, English Majors

Charish Reid (author: Hearts on Hold: A Librarian Romance) is my guest, and we talk about why we should stop shitting on majoring in English and ah-ha! moments in teaching. The Romance Worth Reading (™) that we discuss is White Whiskey Bargain by Jodie Slaughter. Discussed: Low-angst romance, marriages of convenience, just once bed, owning land as the American dream. Plus: female leadership in a male-dominated field, people of color in Appalachia, and mutual self love.

ANGST: Decameron Quarantine Romance Book Club No. 2: Decameron Quarantine Romance Book Club: part 2 of a 10-episode mini-series of short, casual conversations with romance experts, who are here to spread the joy of romance novels so that we can all stay home and NOT spread the Coronavirus. Tonight’s theme is ANGST

Click here for where to listen.

Living in the Pages with Willow Aster
Living in the Pages with Willow Aster: Laura Pavlov

In this episode, Willow chats with her favorite sprint partner, author Laura Pavlov. They discuss famous family ties, the difficulties of dealing with divided career loves, and the unexpected perk of attending a Paul McCartney concert.

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Tea and Strumpets Podcast
Tea & Strumpets: 028 – Bridgertons 5 – To Sir Phillip, With Love

Eloise has a secret and she’s on her way to meet him for the very first time. However, our quiet country gentleman is not prepared for the hurricane that is coming his way. Despite him neglecting to tell her of his “rambunctious” twins, the two begin to see that there may be something more between them. Can a relationship that started via correspondence between two strangers blossom into a love that neither expected? Well, with time, understanding, and a push from our favorite brothers, To Sir Phillip with Love by Julia Quinn, has both your co-hosts signing with longing. It may have been a reread, but as with many good things, it’s gotten better with age. TW: Suicide, depression, postpartum depression, child abuse.

Click here for where to listen.

First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy
First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy: March 20, 2020

I visited with Wine & Spines yesterday – great fun to talk books from a safe social distance. I’m also talking more about hitting a sticking place in the story, and different methods for working through it.

First Cup of Coffee – March 23, 2020: I’m fighting the blues – as I imagine many of us are – but also talking about process and what it means when I say go back and layer in certain elements. Also about pets and what makes them really hard to write.

First Cup of Coffee – March 24, 2020:  Thoughts today on helping out others during COVID-19, shallower thoughts on my nail polish. Also Facebook messenger for kids, the global community, online yoga, and knowing what details to give a reader – and what to withhold.

Jeff and Will's big gay fiction
Big Gay Fiction Podcast: Episode 233 – Growing the TBR: Book Recommendations from Jay & Lisa

Jay from Joyfully Jay and Lisa from The Novel Approach recommend books from TJ Klune, E.M. Lindsey, Russ Thomas, Lucy Lennox, Jordan Castillo Price, Nora Phoenix and Sophie Gonzales. Jeff talks about the new album “Losing my Mind: A Sondheim Disco Fever Dream” and then reviews “Risk Taker,” the latest in the “Mixed Messages” series by Lily Morton.

LITerally Us Podcast
LITerally Us: Ep 15: Review: Chasing Cassandra by Lisa Kleypas (Ft. Lacey Book Lovers!)

In this special episode, Kamrun and Gabi invite their first ever guest on the show, Blogger and BookTuber Lacey from Lacey Book Lovers to review Chasing Cassandra by New York Times bestselling author and historical romance powerhouse Lisa Kleypas. They talk about the appeal of historical romance novels, other books/authors they’d recommend, catch up on their fave historical shows, and Kamrun’s brush with Outlander celebrities.

Ep 16: Watching Anna Todd’s After Movie with a YA Reader!: In this episode, Kamrun and Gabi switch things up, exchanging their comfort shows for one they’ve never watched before: After, the movie adaptation of New York Times bestselling author Anna Todd’s New Adult series. They invited Gabi’s cousin Courtney, an avid YA reader and BookTuber who’s always looking for new genres to explore. Together, they break down the plot of After, the impact of watching a story written under a different climate and readership, and New Adult/college romance books they’d recommend. 

boobies and noobies podcast
Boobies & Noobies: The Two-Date Rule

This episode is sponsored by THE BACHELOR, the second of the Duke Dynasty Quartet by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Sabrina Jeffries. The Bachelor is out now, and available wherever books are sold. Real life couple, Jake and Maddy, join Kelly to discuss this new friend-to-lovers release from Tawna Fenske. Between their review and few sultry sexcerpts, they also stumble through a discussion of reality television and share their opinions on the least sexy euphemisms for vagina.

Couples Talking Couples Podcast
Couples Talking Couples: Love Is Blind

Hop in your pod and marry a stranger because this week we are diving into a SPOILER HEAVY episode on “Love Is Blind.” This week Ashley and Ryan break down the shows premise, rank couples with their key takeaways, and chat about the best strategies to start fights.

my imaginary friends
My Imaginary Friends with L. Penelope: Be Gentle With Yourself

Creativity in a crisis… or lack thereof. And call upon your community.

Learning the Tropes
Learning the Tropes: Vow of Silence

This week, Erin and Clayton read Vow Of Silence by Melynda Price and talk (remotely) about their spotty knowledge of Amish culture, whether Josiah is a good detective and could either of them spot a rug made out of hair. (Note: The audio on this episode is not up to our usual standards, but it will be fixed by the next episode. Thanks for sticking with us on our first remote outing!)

Click here for where to listen.

Not Your Mom's Romance Book Club
Not Your Mom’s Romance Book Club: Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

Ellen and Mom discuss shifters, necromancers and bonkersness of Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews! Plus, we give over the final results of the NoYoMo Attractive Male Alert Bracket!

Click here for where to listen.


If you caught a whiff of death, how would you restructure your life to make the most of its remainder? Chloe Brown’s penchant for computers, coupled with the chronic pain of fibromyalgia, has left her with a formidable bucket list. But it took a near-miss with a speeding car to get her busy living. This week, Morgan and Isabeau check off some to-do’s with Get A Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert. Our heroine, Chloe, grabs life by the horn in the shape of Redford ‘Red’ Morgan, the tattooed painter and building superintendent who’s equal parts bad boy and soft serve. But Red is weary of his new socialite bombshell, as Chloe’s trust-fund lifestyle is a little too close to his old flame that left him feeling burned. Will class divisions suppress their passion? Will Chloe’s social aires keep her stratified above the brooding Red? How do twee aesthetics make you feel? Don’t be fooled by the cover on this one y’all, it’s a real scorcher.

Click here for where to listen.


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