Frolic Podcast Network Weekly Wrap-up: Sarah J. Maas, Genderqueer Themes and More!

Frolic Podcast Network Weekly Wrap-up!

Want to find your next bingeable podcast? Don’t know where to start? Scared you’ve missed something?  We have listed episodes from our amazing podcasters from the last week for you to check out!

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: 395. House of Earth and Blood, With Courts of Thorns: A Conversation with Sarah J. Maas

This week, a much anticipated book is out: House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas released on the 3rd. It’s the first in her new Crescent City series, and her first adult fantasy title. So we’re going to talk about everything – and we have some incredible questions from our Patreon community, too. They were as excited as we were about this interview, since many of them are massive fans of her Court of Thorns and Roses and her Throne of Glass series. This is a longer interview, but it’s so funny and thoughtful and very intimate, and I didn’t want you to miss anything that Sarah had to say. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to Emily Fisher, Publicist at Bloomsbury, for coordinating all the pre-interview details! Thanks to Molly, Olivia, Danielle, Agnes, Taryn, and Stephanie for their questions! CW: We talk about panic attacks 55:00 -58:00 and mental health care 45:00-60:00 minutes

Dateable podcast
Dateable: Season 10 Episode 4: Too Old to Date

Tune in as we talk to Brad about the time pressure of dating as you get older – even for men. We discuss the challenges of dating in your 30’s when everyone else is settling down, how expectations change as you age, and balancing having a life plan vs. seeing how it all plays out.

Shelf Love Podcast
Shelf Love: Talia Hibbert on Genderqueer Themes from Mulan and Forced Proximity in Therese Beharrie’s Work

Talia Hibbert, best-selling author of romance novels like Get a Life, Chloe Brown, and Work For It, joins me to talk about how Disney’s 1998 film Mulan explores genderqueer themes, Talia shares her nomination for the romance canon, and we discuss how Therese Beharrie is a master of the condensed timeline, as explored in her sweet Harlequin romance: Island Fling with the Tycoon. Also, if you enjoy Derek Craven, puns and romance novels, you’re going to love a special surprise at the end of this episode involving my favorite Tweet Artist, Ash Dylan.

Click here for where to listen.

Living in the Pages with Willow Aster
Living in the Pages with Willow Aster: Charleigh Rose

In this episode, Willow chats with her sunny friend, Charleigh Rose. They talk about Charleigh’s sneaky entrance into the world of authoring, her taste for broody boys in peacoats, and being basic—not.

Click here for where to listen.

Tea and Strumpets Podcast
Tea & Strumpets: 025 – Heart of Blade 2 – My Beautiful Enemy

This week, we’ve got a heartbreaking yet heartwarming tale of adventure, treasure, fate, and fighting! Our two main characters seem destined for each other – but after their first meeting, while they shared an epic love, they didn’t share their names with each other! Will they even ever cross paths again? It seems fate is ready to intervene eight years later, as these two lethal lovebirds meet again many, many miles away. Sherry Thomas weaves a magical tale between China and England in My Beautiful Enemy, and she gives us a truly badass heroine to rave about! Plus we’ve got an extra special treat for our listeners today – which we’ll announce in the parlor! Stay tuned, and stay on your toes! **Sword fightin’ Spoilers in this one!**

Click here for where to listen.

First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy
First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy: February 28, 2020

A story today about how I got my first cell phone instead of leaving my husband, Oliver Sacks, and other thoughts on the internet, community, and neurology.

First Cup of Coffee – March 2, 2020: It feels like spring so I had my first recording of the year outside! A bit about how I track royalties, and thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic. The book I mention is Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic by Meghan Ciana Doidge. And the term I was searching for is “meteorological spring.”

First Cup of Coffee – March 3, 2020: A report on our CostCo #prepping venture, thoughts on COVID-19, and how to cope.

First Cup of Coffee – March 5, 2020A Commute Podcast today with tales on two family medical scares this week, and thoughts on Honey Boy and Annie Bellet’s Justice Calling. Also a bit on how being a writer changes you as a reader.

Jeff and Will's big gay fiction
Big Gay Fiction Podcast: Episode 230 – The Many Mysterious, Adventurous and Romantic Stories of Frank W. Butterfield

Jeff and Will have an extended conversation with Frank W. Butterfield who talks about his universe of more than 50 books that began with “A Nick Williams Mystery” series and continues with “The Adventures of Nick & Carter,” “Daytona Beach Books” and “The Romantical Adventures of Whit & Eddie.” Frank talks about the origin of Nick Williams, the research he does to get the history of the books right and the 20-book 2020 series “A Nick & Carter Holiday.” The guys also announce the new Big Gay Fiction Book Club, which debuts in March with Annabeth Albert’s “Arctic Heat.” 

Literally Us Podcast
LITerally Us: Episode 12: Whiteout by Adriana Anders: Romance or Plain Suspense?

Who loves survival romances?! Kamrun and Gabi read WHITEOUT by Adriana Anders, a romantic suspense set in Antarctica, and their views of snow and the wilderness are never the same. In this episode, they review the book, discuss its romantic suspense category(can it really stand as a romance?!), if they’ll ever venture to Antarctica after reading it, and book recommendations they’d make for this popular survival trope.

The Lesbian Ship is Intense
This Lesbian Ship is Intense: The Bold Type 406: The Power of Pegging

This episode we share our worries for Tinier Jane, get a little misty eyed at the ultimate bonding between Sutton and her soon to be mother-in-law, and discuss Alex’s feelings of inferiority to the amazing Dr. Alicia. We also process our feelings around how Kat’s hookup with Mr. Peg leads to her stating that she is bisexual and what this could mean for Kadena.

Bodice Tipplers
Bodice Tipplers: Bloodline

Welcome to Sara’s third 4 for 40 book, in which we read Bloodline, a Sidney Sheldon book she once stole off her mother’s bookshelf in order to dogear many pages and almost assuredly look up several things in a dictionary. This isn’t really a romance novel – for you young people, this is an extinct breed. It’s an airport book. It’s about rich people doing awful rich people things and it never forgets to mention a brand name.

Couples Talking Couples Podcast
Couples Talking Couples: Frozen

It’s time to build a snowman and give it sentience because this week Ashley and Ryan are discussing Disney’s smash hit “Frozen.” Discussion topics include: terrible parenting strategies, Hans the unsung hero of Arendelle, and bold ideas for Frozen 3.


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