Frolic’s 2020 Favorites

Frolic's 2020 Faves

2020 was rough, but here are some of our favorite thing that made us smile this year! Here’s to a better 2021.

Sarah Penna | Frolic Co-Founder

Movie: NomadLand. I’m biased here because I got to see it in a drive-in which was just such a great experience, but it’s a phenomenal film that blends fiction and non-fiction in a fascinating way. Highly recommend!

Book: Queen Move by Kennedy Ryan. I loved the writing, the characters the story line–everything about this book made it a must read!

TV Show: Great Pottery Throw Down (on HBO Max): If you love Great British Bake Off, you’ll love this. It is produced by the same company and follows a (sometimes comical) similar structure but instead of cakes it’s pottery. Really just the most cozy, feel good comfort show.

Purchase: Ooni Pizza Oven: this has a larger price tag than I am normally comfortable with for kitchen tools, but this thing is AMAZING. We eat a lot of pizza in our house (and it’s hard for me to order take out pizza because I have a garlic/onion allergy).  This makes as close to a wood fired pizza as you can get without the hassle of a huge wood fired pizza oven. We use this probably once a week and you can make more than pizza in it too. 

Recipe: This one-pan creamy tuscan chicken (I also sometimes replace chicken with tofu to make it vegetarian). The sauce is SO good, make sure you have some bread on hand to sop it up.

Natalie Sellers | VP of TV & Film

Movie: Palm Springs! It was funny, romantic, and had a really refreshing and creative take on the time-loop concept. 

Book:  Normal People by Sally Rooney. This was one of those books I had meant to read forever but somehow never got around to. The week before the Hulu adaptation came out, I read it in one sitting and cried so much I scared my dog. 

TV Show:  I’d say my favorite show that came out this year was The Undoing which I was totally enthralled by. I also watched The West Wing for the first time this year and fell absolutely in love with it. Season two is as close as it gets to a perfect season of television!

Purchase: An electric mixer! Makes all my quarantine baking much easier!

Recipe: This banana bread. I make it like twice a week!

Jillian Davis | Manager of Development

Movie: EMMA.

Book: Sleeping Together by Kitty Cook

TV Show: Avatar: The Last Airbender

Purchase: A personal desk to work from home 🙂

Samantha Martin | Editorial Strategy Producer

Movie: The Half of It. I don’t usually go for coming-of-age movies, but this one was phenomenal.

Book: Queen of Volts by Amanda Foody. An amazing ending to one of my favorite series. 

TV Show: The Queen’s Gambit. Thomas Brodie Sangster as a sexy chess master? Yes, please!

Purchase: My Muzen Audio Bluetooth speaker!

Recipe: Microwave mac n cheese.

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