Frolic’s Faves: 2018 Edition!

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Hello lovely Frolic readers! As 2018 winds down the Frolic team wanted to share a few of our favorites from this year. Was yours on the list? Did we miss one? Let us know in the forum! 

Favorite Non-Romance Read:

Rosie Revere Engineer. I got this book for my 4 year old son, he loves it so much and it’s a great message for both boys and girls.  And this satire from The New Yorker that accurately breaks down the different household robot personality types. –Sarah

When Your Kid Goes To College. A Parents Survival Guide.  Someone gave me this book this year as a funny love gift and explained that it has been passed around to friends who are going thought the college process  I giggled and tossed it in my side drawer but found myself flipping though it more often then not.  Watching one of your kids leave isn’t easy but once your though it you realize that they have actually been an adult human for longer than you think. The duh advice in the book is also the hardest.  It’s  their life not yours. –Lisa

I really loved Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel. I saw the musical about depression and mental health earlier this year and fell in love. The book is just as heartfelt and moving as the play. –Megan

I read My Brilliant Friend – such an incredible read. Think of it as a love story between two best friends coming of age after World War ll. –Jillian

Favorite Movie:

The Hate U Give. Much darker than I normally skew, but I would watch Amandla Stenberg in anything and really everyone in that movie is amazing (also, Algee Smith is my new crush). It has one of the most memorable opening scenes in a movie and I found myself sobbing through the whole movie. –Sarah

BLACK PANTHER. I am a fan boy at heart.  The best Marvel movie by far (although the original Iron Man comes close), I loved being transported into the whole new world of Wakanda that is now part of our pop culture lexicon. And a shout out to Danai Gurira,  who I love to watch be Michonne in real time still  every Sunday on the Walking Dead! – Lisa

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. I love myself a good rom-com and this one hit me right in the feels. I’ve seen it 5 times and still get the ‘awwws’ during the jacuzzi scene. –Megan

Mamma Mia 2 healed my soul. Do you understand? HEALED my SOUL. I walked into that movie in a foul mood because of personal drama, and walked out thinking anything was possible. It’s just a good time –Jillian

Favorite TV Show:

The Good Place. If you’re not watching this show yet, why?! It’s some of the smartest, sharpest satirical yet optimistic writing out there. The hype is real. –Sarah

Killing Eve.  Everyone talks about Sandra Oh in this show.  She is awesome and she will always have a special place in my heart because of Grey’s but I truly couldn’t stop watching Jodie Comer. From the very first scene in the first episode, she was so amazingly wicked, funny and frightening all at the same time,  I found myself binging this whole show in one weekend.  The obsessive cat and mouse game between them is fierce and so much fun. –Lisa

Younger. A show about female friendships and the book world? Yes, please!  –Megan



Favorite Discovery:

1. When in Romance podcast. I love listening to Jess and Trisha every week talk about books, interview authors, do deep dives into what they’re reading and catch me up on all the news of the day in Romancelandia. Fair warning: your TBR is going to grow quickly!  

2. This Instagram account. Pies and Puns? What’s not to love? 

3. This light up book  –Sarah

Paper Straws.  Those of you who complain about the paper softening on your tongue get over It!  Please see the Great Pacific Garbage Patch for reference.  A small price to pay. The new paper straw colors are really cute too!  –Lisa

I’m late to the game with this one but I absolute love the My Favorite Murder podcast. True crime has always fascinated me and the the hosts, Georgia and Karen, feel like your best friends right from episode one. –Megan

This year I made several major discoveries: apple cider donuts from Trader Joe’s, James Trevino’s Instagram account, and John Mulaney’s comedy special “Kid Gorgeous” –Jillian

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