Frolic’s Light Fright: Authors Share Their Favorite Halloween Candy and Supernatural Creature!


We’ve been waiting for this all month: it’s finally Halloween week! To celebrate, we asked some of our favorite authors our burning Halloween questions! Here are their answers.

Frolic Asks: What’s Your Favorite Halloween Candy and Supernatural Creature?
Rachel Van Dyken:

Favorite Supernatural Creature: My favorite supernatural creature is a vampire. It’s the romance author in me, theres just something super sexy about biting and blood and… *fans self* Sorry, I was having a moment. 

Marni Mann

Favorite Candy: Swedish fish.

Favorite Supernatural Creature: Mermaid.

Samantha Young:

Favorite Candy: We probably have different candy from the US here in the UK. But my favorite Halloween chocolate is from Marks & Spencers. They have these Halloween chocolate lollipops with popping candy inside them and I could eat my weight in them.

Favorite Supernatural Creature: Ooh that’s tough. It’s a close call between werewolves and the fae.

A.L. Jackson:

Favorite Supernatural Creature: Vampires. I just can’t help myself—there is just something so incredibly sexy about vampires. I just hear the word vampire and yum.

R.C. Boldt:

Favorite Candy: Reese’s peanut butter pumpkins. Those are like crack for me.

Favorite Supernatural Creature: I’d have to say it’s a tie between werewolves and vampires simply because I was torn with the whole Jacob vs. Edward debate. Now that I write romance, I wonder how the story might have gone if she’d just chosen both of them. 😉 

Jennifer Probst:

Favorite Candy: Mounds! I never get them so they are always a treat!

Favorite Supernatural Creature: Always the vampire –they fascinate me!

Katy Evans:

Favorite Candy: Chocolate (but then again chocolate is my favorite all year 😂)

Favorite Supernatural Creature: Witches.

Monica Murphy:

Favorite Supernatural Creature: Ghosts! My goal is to go on more ghost tours. I did one with author friends in Seattle a few years ago and it was so much fun! Seattle is a freaky city with lots of tragic stories! I want to do a ghost tour in New Orleans one day (like the heroine from Kristen Proby’s new book Shadows! Ha ha she paid me to say that. (No she didn’t, I’m kidding, I swear) 


What’s your go-to Halloween candy? How about supernatural creature? Let us know in the comments.


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2 thoughts on “Frolic’s Light Fright: Authors Share Their Favorite Halloween Candy and Supernatural Creature!”

  1. Any full size bar featuring choc, caramel & nuts, esp. Baby Ruth or Snickers. I can’t be having with “fun size.”
    Also, I like pookas.

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