Frolic’s Light Fright: Romance Authors Reveal Their Favorite Horror Movies!


We’ve been waiting for this all month: it’s finally Halloween week! To celebrate, we asked some of our favorite authors our burnign Halloween questions! Here are their answers.

Frolic Asks: What’s Your Favorite Horror Movie?
Rachel Van Dyken:

I don’t typically do scary movies because I have such an active imagination that Im like I just watched Freddy and now he’s in my house, what do I do? I literally make a list of escape plans for “worst case scenarios” soooooo me and scary movies dont mix. Case in point: I cried when my boyfriend in HS took me to see The Ring and LITERALLY slept with my parents for six months. Poor parents. 

Marni Mann

I’m terrified of horror movies and I can’t watch them and would probably cry if I tried, lol!

Samantha Young:

I am not a horror fan, but I think Scream is stupidly entertaining. I’m more of a suspense fan so a few of my favorite movies are Alien, 28 Days Later and A Quiet Place.

R.C. Boldt:

Okay, so I’m admittedly the BIGGEST wuss when it comes to scary/horror movies, so I can’t tell you the last time I voluntarily watched one. I guess I’d have to say my favorite would be the Evil Dead Trilogy. (Go ahead and roll your eyes at that. I fully recognize how cheesy that is.) They’re so terribly corny, but I love them.

Jennifer Probst:

I wonder if there are any horror movies I haven’t seen! Horror is my fave genre for movie watching, but if I’m forced to pick my number one, I need to go with a classic – The Exorcist. I had nightmares for days after watching that one plus the plot/acting is stellar.

Katy Evans:

More like series: Supernatural

Monica Murphy:

The original Halloween! Oh, it is my absolute FAVORITE horror movie, and I watch it every year at this time. It’s not Halloween without it! The remakes – bleh. Though last year my son and I went and saw the latest Halloween movie with Jamie Lee Curtis and it was really good. We saw it on Halloween night! That was fun 🎃

What’s your go-to Horror flick? Let us know in the comments!


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1 thought on “Frolic’s Light Fright: Romance Authors Reveal Their Favorite Horror Movies!”

  1. Definitely Trick R Treat! The four stories that weave through the movie honor Halloween in the BEST possible way!

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