Fun Fall Activities you can do while listening to Audiobooks

Activities to do while listening to audiobooks

Colder weather, warm spiced cider, and curling up with a thick book under a warm blanket; for me, fall has a definitely bookish and cozy vibe. This year however, fall may feel a little different as depending on where you live. In many places social distance or lock down guidelines may continue to be in place and a result many of us have found ourselves spending a lot more time indoors and in front of our screens whether it’s for work, helping kids with remote schoolwork, or catching up with family members and friends over video chat. I don’t know about you, but after a long day in front of a screen I’ve found that even though I want to pick up a book to unwind, the thought of spending time with my e-reader, or at times even a physical book is not always as appealing as it once was. This is where audiobooks can come in handy! These past couple of months, audiobooks have become an increasingly large part of my reading routine and they have been a particular boon during the busy fall season. Below are some ways I am incorporating audiobooks alongside my favorite fall activities. 

Go on a hike or take a walk.

We could all use an occasional reminder to get up and stretch and take a walk. Whether it’s hitting up the local park or hiking trail (Here in the Northeast the changing foliage is a fall event on its own!) or just a walk around the block during lunch time, audiobooks are great on the go. Pro-tip: choose a really enticing story that you only listen to outside, this way you will have an extra incentive to make stretching your legs and getting some fresh air a regular part of your routine. 

Decorate a pumpkin.

Is it really fall without pumpkins? I think not! Carved, bedazzled, or painted, pumpkins are the perfect canvas for a family friendly craft day. Put on an audiobook, bring out the glitter, and prepare to show off your gourd-based festive fall creativity. If you are going the old fashion carving  route don’t forget to save the seeds and insides for the next activity! 

On your marks, get set, bake! 

Whether you’re a star baker or a baking beginner, fall is the perfect time to roll up  your sleeves and challenge yourself with a new recipe because nothing says “fall” like the smell of freshly baked goodies. Depending on the bake, you may have some down time while waiting for your delicious creation to prove or bake, making audiobooks a perfect companion (or distraction) while you hungrily wait for the fruits of your labor to come out of the oven.

Puzzles, Puzzles, puzzles.

I don’t know when puzzles became a fall family tradition, but every year as soon as the leaves start to change colors, the puzzles come out. You can easily choose a puzzle to match your level of expertise (or patience). Pick with a design to match the fall season, fire up an audiobook, pour yourself a hot chocolate and you have one cozy afternoon guaranteed. 


As the weather cools, why not pick up a new hobby to keep you warm? Knitting, crocheting, embroidery, or cross stitching are all great options. Not only are you learning a new skill and get to show off your final product, but you can also listen to a book at the same time. Well, once you’ve mastered the basics that is (remember knit one purl one). If you really pick up steam you can also incorporate your creations into the next activity. 

Make care packages.

Who doesn’t love getting packets in the mail? Many folks will be unable to travel home for the holidays this Fall and are finding new ways to keep in touch with friends and family from afar. Sending letters or care packages for the Fall and Winter is a way to add a personal touch to the holidays and let your loved ones know you are thinking of them. Many charities and organizations are also accepting donations through the mail. So, bring out the packing tape and set up your care package assembly station while listening to your favorite audiobook! 

Holiday Shopping!

Whether you’re shopping online or in-person this year (don’t forget to socially distance and wear a mask!) running errands can be less stressful with an audiobook and a pair of headphones to keep you company. This is also a great moment to plug getting your holiday shopping done early this year to avoid the mail rush and to support your community by shopping local if you can. 

Wherever or however you are celebrating fall this year, it is likely that you are finding and adjusting your daily routines, and yearly traditions to fit with the times. Whether that’s family life, school routines, or work, our day to day has likely changed. Finding new ways to keep up with what we love to do in a new way that works for us can be an important part of self-care. If as a reader books are an important part of your selfcare routine, but e-readers aren’t cutting it recently audiobooks can be a flexible way to incorporate books into your routine while giving your eyes a break and yourself time to participate in various fall activities. What other activities are on your fall activities list? 


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