Halloween Rom Com: “The Problem with Love Potions” Part Three

Halloween Rom Com

I’m so excited to bring you the third part of my Halloween-inspired romance novella, The Problem with Love Potions!

Don’t miss Part Two!

Part Three

         I mouth soundlessly at Taylor and Rob, who are both making puppy-dog eyes at me like nobody’s business.

         “It’s a funny story?” I ask.

         “The cupcakes. Oh my God, I am such an idiot.” Aiden snatches the box and chucks the cupcakes into the trash. “You really tried to give me a love potion!?”

         “Oh my God, of course not! It was just a potion to make you a little…nicer.”

         “Nicer,” Aiden deadpans. “Which potion did you use?” Aiden is normally super cautious about this stuff when other people are in the room, and his cavalier tone scares me even more than the fact that I accidentally just fed two people a love potion.

         “Just the Cordial Cordial! The book said it just gives people a happier disposition.”

         “Yeah, if you make it correctly! If you get any of those ingredients even a little bit wrong, it turns into an incredibly potent love potion!”

         “You look really pretty today, Ella,” Rob shouts helpfully.

         I shrink back. “I did not know that.”

         “Clearly,” Aiden snarls. “Oh my God, this is a mess.”

         “What’s the big deal? It’ll wear off in an hour or two, and I’m going to a party anyways.”

         Aiden barks out a laugh. “Oh my God, are you actually this dumb? It’s a full moon, on Halloween!”

         “And?” I ask, voice trembling.

         “All of the effects of magic, both potion and spell, become permanent at midnight on a full moon Halloween.”

         “Are you kidding?”

         I take Aiden’s glare as a no: he is not kidding. I wring my hands together. “Okay, so we find an antidote. It can’t be that hard.” I sneak a glance at Aiden’s face. “It has an easy antidote, right?”

         “Seriously, how have you made it this long as a human person, let alone as a witch?” Aiden asks.

         “Aiden, please,” I say, heart pounding in my throat. “I won’t blame you if you never speak to me again after tonight, but I really need your help. Please.”

         Aiden sighs and runs a hand back through his hair.


         “You’re the worst.”

         “Yep,” I agree.

         “Okay, fine. For my friends,” Aiden says. “I have an antidote book up in my room. Come on.”

         Aiden and I book it out of there, ignoring Taylor and Rob’s calls after us.

         “I didn’t mean for this to happen,” I repeat as we jog up the stairs. “Seriously, Aiden, I’m sorry.”

         “Yeah, you’re always sorry, aren’t you?” Aiden snaps as he tugs open the door to his room. “Just help me look through these books.” Aiden reaches under his bed and pulls out his own spell and potion books. He chucks a thick one my way and I flip to the glossary, desperately scanning for an antidote. Aiden sinks onto his bed, so I elect to sit in his desk chair, as far away from him as possible.

         It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him this angry. The vein in his forehead is jumping just like it was after homecoming junior year.        

         I still don’t know why he got so mad that day.

         “Here it is,” Aiden says. I jump a bit, sending the wheels on the desk chair clacking as I try to right myself. “Universal love potion antidote.”

         “What’s in it?” I ask, crossing the room to read over his shoulder.

         “All the standard stuff,” Aiden says, scanning the recipe. “And…woof.”

         “What is it?” I ask.

         “A live spider.”


         “Yuck, but doable.” Aiden glares at me. I take a step away from him.

         “Fine, what else?”


         “You mean wolfsbane?” God he’s pretentious.

         “Do you ever shut up?” Aiden asks.

         “Sorry.” I mime zipping up my lips.

         “And a relic from a heartbreak.”

         My stomach drops. “A what now?”

         “We’ll worry about that when we have to.” Aiden snaps the book shut. “I have everything we need for the base in my kit. The recipe says all we have to do is mix the ingredients into a drink, which makes you very, very lucky. What makes you unlucky is that it has to be chilled for four hours before it’ll work.”

         I just nod. What I’m really lucky to have is Aiden helping me, but I’d never admit that. I have no idea how we’re going to pull all of this off, but for now, I’ll let him take the lead.

         Aiden sticks the book under his arm so he can rummage through his closet. He pulls out his potion kit and holds out a glass vial for me to take.

         “What’s this for?”

         Aiden gets to his feet, his face grim. “Let’s go catch a spider.”


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