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I am a reader and writer of romances, which makes me a sucker for a good love story. Or, really, any story with a happy, hopeful ending. Every Friday morning on Morning Edition, there’s an episode from StoryCorps that caps off the week for our family. I interviewed my mom in 2014, (it’s archived now, but you can listen if you have an account through their archives) and learned so much more about one of my favorite people on earth. I mean, she’s my mom, but when given a couple prompts and the opportunity to reminisce, it was amazing. This quarantine has been hard in so many ways, but in others it’s sort of idyllic. Our son is home with us, our dog is thrilled for everyone to be home with her, both of our moms are nearby, and so far we haven’t killed each other (LOL). The lack of opportunity to travel or recreate in our normal fashion means there’s time to do stuff, like fall through the StoryCorps rabbit hole. There’s a satisfying number of romantic stories to listen to. Not every romance is easy or lighthearted; not every story is straight forward or without struggle. But they all have a happy ending, and as romance readers we understand the importance of an HEA … of hope, even in the shadow of struggle and hardship. The heart wants what the heart wants, whether it’s a sweet meet-cute, or a secret rendezvous. 

Peggy Edwards wraps it up beautifully when her granddaughter Cinema Wood asks about advice for couples: “Be good. Be compassionate. Be kind to each other. Go slow … It’s not a marathon it’s a … just a stroll.” Here are just a couple romances that really stood out.

Ruben Salazar and Rachel Salazar

“My coworker sent you that email by mistake.”

Judy and Philip Frabosilo

“They told me I was gonna be a nun.”

Sophy Medina, Thomas Olsen, and Luca

“We were wearing big, stinky, heavy gear.”

Tariq Sheikh and Tabinda Sheikh

“You was the girl who was in my dreams.”

Miriam Cruz-Colon and Oscar Colon

“A friend of ours wanted us to be together in a scene…”

John Matlock and Carol Matlock

“We met through a computer dating service back in 1964.”

Claudia Dewane and Bill Dewane

“If you lived to be 100, I’d like to be 100 less one day.”

A Teenage Romance, Rekindled After Three Decades

“I remember never being so afraid and so excited in my entire life.”

Joe and Trudy Hunter

“You wouldn’t give me the time of day…”

Bobbi and Sandi Côté-Whitacre

“Do you remember when we were 19, totally in love, and couldn’t tell anyone?”

Ericka Naegle and Walter Naegle

“That was the only thing we could do to legalize our relationship.”

Enjoy these heartwarming listens!


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