Hi, My Name is Colet Abedi and I’m Obsessed with The Bodyguard on Netflix.


I am probably the only woman alive who is a huge Game of Thrones fan and who didn’t want to have an elicit, sordid, romantic rendezvous with the King of the North, Robb Stark. No, I really didn’t.

I know. You might find this a bit perplexing and think I’m trying to pull a fast one and act shy and virtuous, but I’m not making it up. For me the King of the North was just a plain, old King… who happened to be from the north.  

This was my sad reality until one day, my girlfriend, Andrea, recommended I check out the Bodyguard on Netflix. For one hot, horrifying minute I thought Hollywood had tragically attempted to remake the magic that was Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner in the movie, The Bodyguard- it’s a scary thought but you never know…

The Bodyguard

So at my friend’s urging, and even though the lead (Robb Stark) didn’t tick any boxes for me, I decided to give it a go. I loved the trailer, the reviews were good and I’m a sucker for a good political thriller so what did I have to lose?

I didn’t just watch the Bodyguard… I binge watched it one Saturday afternoon in just over six, adrenaline-packed, mind-bending, butterfly-inducing hours. And just like that, everything I thought I knew changed. I quickly realized I must have been living like the character Eleven in Stranger Things– in the Upside Down- during Robb Stark’s entire reign on Game of Thrones.

I texted the trailer of the Bodyguard along with one of the hundreds of sexy gifs of Richard Madden to all of my friends and family begging them to watch the show so we could talk about and analyze it together. So we could bond over the brilliance that is the show- I call the Bodyguard, MUST SEE MOST AMAZING TV…

So let me give you all the reasons why the Bodyguard is my new obsession.

Shall I begin with the glaringly obvious…

1. Hot, brooding, broken, bad-ass, former war veteran PTSD suffering policeman is assigned to protect the older, beautiful Home Secretary, Julia Montague (no, she is of no relation to that very famous star-crossed lover)

2. There is some serious chemistry happening from the moment our bodyguard, David, and Julia set eyes on each other… especially when she has to borrow his crisp, white man shirt for a live television interview – and the two are forced to take their clothes off in front of each other. Hot. And get ready to pour yourself some more wine because that’s just one titillating moment.

3. Let’s get back to our hero, David – He is everything you want him to be… compassionate, protective, complicated, smart, a good dad – yes, he’s married and separated from his wife who may or may not realize the error of her ways – I’m not telling- but do the math. Like I’ve said just a few times, David’s more than easy on the eye – sexy and hot as hell – times ten. And he has a Scottish accent… you can just picture the castle in the Highlands and hear the bagpipes playing in the distance when he speaks to his bonnie lass…  

4. The first twenty minutes of the show will hook you. I’ve heard it called the most exhilarating and electrifying open of television in 2018. I have to agree with that assessment. I was glued.

5. You will for sure spend at least five, maybe ten, minutes obsessing – fantasizing – dreaming about how you can perhaps find a way of life that will require you to have your very own bodyguard that looks and acts exactly like Richard Madden’s character. You’ll even picture the whole scenario in your head too.  

6. Women rule the world in the Bodyguard. They’re powerful. They’re smart. They’re gorgeous. And they’re ballers. #ilovethisshow

7. Just when you think you have it all figured out, there’s another twist that throws you for a loop. And I know it’s the cliché of all cliché’s but you will be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for more. The plot more than delivers.

8. It’s an emotional ride that might make you scream at the TV. Like real, ugly, angry screams, wondering what the heck the writers were thinking… and how could they ever do this to their audience… and maybe because of their misdeeds you should boycott the show… and then suddenly something will happen to make you happy again. Just like that.

9. They’ve picked up another season so there’s more gut wrenching fun to come- the only problem is we have to wait for them to write the series and shoot the show! #icanttakeit


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