I Will Go Down with This Ship: Why Twitter Loves Captain Swan


We here at Frolic love ships. Especially ships that involve pirate ships, and giving up your ship for your one true love. We’re talking about Captain Swan, of course! We reached out to ask Twitter’s biggest superfans why they love these two so much. Here are their answers!

@CaptainSwanTale says…

“I love the way it was written that CS are soulmates. They’re two people who understand each other despite some differences. They love each other no matter what… at their best and worst. True love.”

@Rosered0331 says…

“They’re kindred spirits that were meant for each other! They support each other ! They’re always on each other’s side! They consider each other equals! They fight for each other! They couldn’t imagine life without the other!”

@ButtercupPB says…

“I love #CaptainSwan because they were two lost souls, orphans who were devastated by their first loves. Neither believed they could love again…until they found each other. Together they learned that a second chance at love can be the truest love.🥰”

@jaydee_ell says…

“Two damaged, lonely souls who understand each other from the start, tear down each other’s walls and work hard to be each other’s happy ending. “

@pirateherojones says…

“I love Captain Swan because they were two damaged and broken people, treated so harshly by the world, who found healing, love, and goodness in each other. They built each other up and saw the best in each other and were together through thick and thin.”

@Leila__Princess says…

“Because their love story is epic, from enemies to lovers, they fight for their happy ending 💗.”

Why do you ship Captain Swan? Tell us at @onfrolic and be sure to use #FrolicShipsIt!


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