I Will Go Down with this Ship: Why Twitter Loves Caryl from The Walking Dead


With Halloween quickly approaching, we’re highlighting one of the best spooky ships on TV right now: Caryl from The Walking Dead. We reached out to some of Twitter’s biggest Caryl superfans and asked why they ship these two so dang much.

@Mariloune says…

“Because I still think it’s the most beautiful & unique ship TV ever created! I’ve never felt so many feels just by watching these two being together on screen. 

What they have is unique & unbreakable. And don’t forget about the wonderful chemistry. They always have each other’s backs… no matter what! They really get each other 🥰

They’re just each other’s person. 

And I truly believe they’re soulmates. They’re gonna run off together on Daryl’s bike at some point… I really hope so. 

♥️ CARYL ON! ♥️”

@Mariloune‘s favorite Caryl moment:

“Oh gosh… that’s a hard one! I love them all. But I would say… not one but two. The first time I fell in love with Caryl was for the episode Cherokee Rose in season 2… when Daryl brought back Carol a Cherokee rose. For Sophia. They understood each other since the beginning! A close second is No Sanctuary from season 5!!!! The reunion hug is always gonna be my favorite! The happiness & love on their face when they reunited was priceless!”

@DarkKittee says…

“Whatever happens, D & C will always be there to support each other. She brought him out of his dark world and taught him love CAN come without pain. He taught Carol that she has worth, strength, courage; things Ed took from her & shattered. Daryl picked up the pieces & gave them back to her.”

@DarkKittee‘s favorite Caryl moment:

“My favorite Caryl moment takes place in season two when Sophia is still lost and Daryl still pitches his tent on a hillside far from the group camp. At this point the only person he feels any strong emotional tie to is Carol. In the scene, Carol is trying to sleep in the back of the RV, but she can’t stop crying. We see that Daryl has given up his privacy and solitude and has come down from his camp to sleep on the floor near Carol in case she needs him in the night, something he had never done before for anyone but Carol. Only Carol.

You can clearly see the pain on his face as he listens to Carol weeping softly. He looks like his heart is breaking. We can see the absolute affection and devotion he already feels for her.

I’m not sure why people overlook this beautiful, quiet little scene when talking about pivotal moments in Caryl’s developement. For me it’s a huge moment for them and it will always be my favorite scene.

Well, till Angela Kang decides to give us THE Caryl kiss at last. I might change my mind then.”

@ZaiMcReedus says…

“Because they’re the most natural, organic and beautiful & iconic ship in TV History. Carol & Daryl have been through a lot together.  These character understand each other so well. They have so much love for each other.❤”

@ZaiMcReedus‘s favorite Caryl moment:
@IkklesaTwit says…

“I’ve shipped it since Daryl wanted to “walk the road” looking for Sophia. They are a perfect match of a sheep in wolf’s clothing (Daryl), & a wolf in sheep’s clothing (Carol). They would die for each other, kill for each other, and trust each other implicitly. Perfect slow burn.”

@IkklesaTwit‘s favorite Caryl moment:

“My favourite Caryl moment is their reunion in the woods in No Santuary. Carol has been banished from the group by Rick for killing to prevent the illness from spreading. Daryl, of course was upset by this but people were still unsure how he’d feel about her after that. The whole gang were separated in the woods thanks to the Governor, and they eventually ended up in the cannibalistic Terminus. Carol shows up with nothing but fireworks and a rifle and blows the place sky high, allowing them to escape. The moment when she appears in the woods, looking bashful and unsure how she’d be greeted. And Daryl immediately takes off running into her arms showed that no matter what Carol did, he loves her, trusts her and always wants her by his side. There’s a song lyric I think sums it all up perfectly: “Always she is standing by my side, She’s my inspiration.”

@EvelynPoc says…

“Carol is sterile and Daryl is feral, a match made in hell!!… How could I not love them?  How could I not ship them? 😍😜”

@melissa_norman says…

“I mean, who didn’t cry during that hug in No Sanctuary!? And also when she bent down and kissed him and brought him food in season 2? She believed in him when no one else did. The world loves them This is why.They love each other.”

@melissa_norman‘s favorite Caryl moment:
@HonkyTonkWoman2 says…

“Why? Because those two formed a connection in Season 1. Carol was the first to see who Daryl really was and the first to believe in and care for him. Daryl showed who he was by caring for Carol and doing everything in his power to bring her daughter back. They are soulmates.”

There you have it! All the reasons to ship #Caryl, according to Twitter. Which reasons and favorite moments did we miss? Comment below!​


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5 thoughts on “I Will Go Down with this Ship: Why Twitter Loves Caryl from The Walking Dead”

  1. I’m honored to be included, but my comment, the way it was shortened, makes absolutely no sense. Someone reading that will think, “What?”

  2. Michelle Jupp

    Great article & great to see si many familiar names included. Congratulations girls, you all explained really well what we see in Caryl & what they mean to us.

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