If You Love YA Novels, Watch These TV Shows


If you’re like us, you love YA books. From contemporary to sci-fi, YA shines in every genre. If you’re in the mood to take the high school drama to the small screen, check out these three TV shows, all available on Netflix right now!

Trinkets Netflix
1. Trinkets

If female friendships are your jam, you’ll love this Netflix original. High schoolers Elodie, Moe and Tabby meet in a support group for recovering shoplifting addicts. Though they butt heads at first, these girls quickly form an incredibly supportive friendship. Each girl has their own struggles, romances and more. There are two seasons of Trinkets, and every episode is worth the watch. 

CW: Abusive relationship

The A List Netflix
2. The A-List

This British show is part drama, part sci-fi, all fun! When Mia arrives on a remote island for summer camp, she immediately becomes a target of queen bee Amber. But why does Amber hate Mia so much, and why does she have a mysterious influence over all of the other campers? Binge all 13 episodes in one weekend and swoon over the amazingly talented cast. 

Grand Army Netflix
3. Grand Army

This show is dark, gritty and absolutely stunning. It’s an ensemble show following several students that attend Grand Army High School in NYC and how their lives change following a bombing. This show takes a dark, real look at topics like sexual assault, privilege and racism. The cast is packed with talented actors. It won’t be for everyone, but it’s well worth the watch, and we can’t wait for season two. 

CW: Grand Army deals with sexual assault, racism, PTSD, bullying, terrorism, and other topics that may be disturbing. Please be careful should you decide to watch. If you’d like a more in-depth description of potential triggers, this article has a great overview. 

We hope this listicle cuts down on your Netflix scrolling time, just a little! Happy binge watching. 


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