Introducing the Women of the Kiss and Tell Book Club!

Kiss and Tell Book Club

[Note from Frolic: We are so excited to have the ladies of the Kiss and Tell Book Club guest post on the site today. Take it away, ladies!]

We are the women of the Kiss and Tell Book Club!

Doesn’t that sound so auspicious? Like there should be a horn blast and a crumbling of walls that follows the announcement? Definitely something biblical, though. 😊

We are absolutely thrilled to visit with Frolic and share our group with you! Why Kiss and Tell Book Club, you ask? Well, because we write kissing books and we looove to tell people all about ‘em. The “we” is USA Today bestselling authors Amy Andrews, Jeannie Moon, Jamie K. Schmidt, Naima Simone and Tracy Kelly Solheim, and bestselling authors, Jennifer Gracen, Melanie Jayne, Regina Kyle, Megan Ryder and Taryn Leigh Taylor. We’re an eclectic mix, and between all of us, we have a book for every reader. You love paranormal either on the dark and twisty side or more mainstream? Got that. Sweet small town romances? Gotcha covered. Sexy contemporary romance featuring billionaires, athletes or government agents? Check. Thrilling romantic suspense with broody alphas and kick ass heroines? Un-huh, don’t look any further.

In the Kiss and Tell Book Club, readers have access to exclusive excerpts from our works-in-progress, cover reveals, giveaways and parties. Yet, we’re more than that. It’s a place in the big, wide world of social media where we—authors and readers—connect. It’s a spot where readers can drop in, hang out, laugh, get to know us and see, yes we write books *cough* fabulous books *cough* but we’re still people who geek out over the newest release, stress about a deadline, fall out laughing over a dog or cat video… In other words, we’re the same. In all our messy glory, we’re the same. It’s a place of welcome, of shenanigans, and most important, relationship. Yes, the members of the Kiss and tell Book Club have exclusive access to our publishing news, but they also have exclusive access to us.

So, now that you know a little more about our group, feel free to come on over to Facebook and join us!

Now to the fun stuff. *rubbing hands together in lascivious glee* Let’s talk about books. Specifically, the sexy books! Several of our authors have shared their favorite sex scenes. And the choice was so hard! Pun totally intended…

Beyond Control by Kit Rocha

“The one that I always go back to is Lex and Dallas in Kit Rocha’s Beyond Control. They had been dancing around one another for years, banking the flames, building our hopes. They both are strong, savvy, daring and love deeply—their pairing could implode and ruin everything that the O’Kanes stand for. Dallas demands that Lex write out a list of her boundaries and it reads, “Whatever we do, we do it together.”  The perfect rule for any kind of relationship.” — Melanie Jayne 

Crazy Hot by Tara Janzen

“When it comes to sexy times, the best bang for your buck (see what I did there?) is anything written by Tara Janzen with “Crazy” in the title. The books are about fast cars and lethal men, but every couple, every sex scene, is written with the deftest blend of raunchiness and sweetness I have ever read. Bad boys in love make for the pinnacle of bedroom (and carhood…and elevator…) scenes. Do yourself a favour and try one today!” —Taryn Leigh Taylor

Virgin River by Robyn Carr

“My favorite love scene is from Virgin River by Robyn Carr. Melanie is such a broken soul when she arrives in Virgin River. However, over time Jack has made her feel safe. When they come together for the first time, he’s sweet and tender with her. Mel’s needs come first and as a reader, I celebrate for her and love him that much more.” —Jeannie Moon

Overexposed by Leslie Kelly

“I write high heat contemporary romance, and that’s mainly what I read. I’ve read so, so many well written sex scenes that it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. So I’m going with what’s probably the most memorable sex scene I’ve ever read—the infamous cannoli sex scene from Leslie Kelly’s Overexposed. The heroine, Isabella, is living a double life, working in her family’s bakery during the day and performing as the Crimson Rose, Chicago’s hottest exotic dancer, at night. The hero, former cop Nick, is the club’s newest bouncer—and her childhood crush. They get down and dirty in the bakery’s delivery van, and yes, the cannoli gets, um, used exactly how you’re envisioning it. The scene is unexpected and fun and sexy in the most cray-cray, delicious way.” —Regina Kyle

Play of Passion by Nalini Singh

“My favorite love scene is from Play of Passion by Nalini Singh. This scene, in fact the whole book, is between a hero, Drew, who is a fun-loving, easy-going guy and a heroine, Indigo, who is a tough as nails, hard woman. The scene is a power play between them, yet fun and light and deeply emotional. Indigo lets down barriers that she never lets down and Drews is charming and vulnerable at the same time, while still maintaining an alpha presence that is critical in a paranormal, shifter romance. There’s the power struggle between two alphas, but the light fun part of the romance is what drew me to the scene. And the fun they had was as sexy as the actual sex between the characters, showing how they developed emotionally and had fun with each while opening up in an intensely vulnerable moment for both.” —Megan Ryder

Worth Any Price by Lisa Kleypas

“For my selection, I got in the Way-back Machine and dove deep into my bookshelf for an old favorite, Worth Any Price by Lisa Kleypas, who IMHO, is the goddess of love scenes. It’s one of her historicals, so expect an arranged marriage and a virginal heroine. But our hero has some deep dark secrets regarding sex, as well. Their love scenes are not only erotic but deeply moving. But it’s the scene in chapter fourteen that is my favorite just because it takes place at breakfast in a dining room with servants nearby and both are fully clothed! It’s sensual and so perfect for the characters and the plot that it remains as one of my favorites. Read it. You won’t be sorry.” —Tracy Solheim

Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer

“Asking me to choose my fave sex scene is like asking me to choose my fave child. It changes on any given day—sometimes any given hour! It definitely depends on my mood and what else is going on in my life. But I’ve always been a sucker for sex scenes with humour and banter as well as major hotness, so that does narrow the field a little. One of my all-time faves is the first sex scene between Agnes and Shane in Agnes and the Hitman. Agnes is angry at her douchebag ex, and Shane is trying to stop her from going after him and killing him. Her rage is so palpable, and it stokes the sexual tension between them as Shane tries to contain Agnes whilst giving her a different way to work out her anger. There’s so much humour in Agnes using sex as an anger management tool, and Shane just trying to hold on and survive the experience. And the banter is awesomely magnificent. Happy sigh. So good!” —Amy Andrews

Wicked Burn by Beth Kery

“EVERY sex scene in Beth Kery’s Wicked Burn is my favorite. First, I have to bow and scrape in total admiration for the variety in each scene. LOL! Like…wow. She educated me! But there was one element that was present and consistent in every one of them. Vic and Niall—two complicated and emotionally bruised people who found trusting in others difficult—not only burned up the pages, but their emotions smoldered. From the very first time to the last, their connection, the depth of their need, pain, desperation, hope, love…everything…came through and jacked the level of their scenes from scorching to phenomenal. Beth Kery is a master of emotional erotic romance!” —Naima Simone

Can you tell a little more about us from our sexy scene picks? Well, if that isn’t enough of a peak into our minds—it might be a little scary in there 😊—we’re giving away a Kiss and Tell Book Club gift pack of digital books from several of our authors!

To enter to win, tweet @onfrolic with the hashtag #KissAndTellBookClub and tell us your favorite sexy scene!

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