It’s the last season of ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ so here are the best songs of the series


If you love music, dance numbers, original songs, and nuanced narratives about the complexities of women’s emotions, then you need to hop on the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend bandwagon. Each episode features two original songs that cover every genre possible, and they’re all catchy and teach you something about life.

We’ve complied a list of the best songs, and music videos from the series to get you through the final season.


An oldie but goodie – West Covina

First song of the series does NOT disappoint. It’s an ode to SoCal suburbia and one of the biggest musical numbers of the series.

Some sound advice – Don’t Be A Lawyer

It’s funny… because everyone thinks being a lawyer is a great job but apparently it’s a terrible job and this song explains the reasons perfectly a la In Living Color.

Some more sound career advice – I Want To Be A Child Star

This devastatingly catchy song tells a happy tale of woe when it comes to being a Hollywood Child Star.

Celebrate your first love – The First Penis I Saw

Never forget the first… everything that you did with that special someone. And sing this song. Loudly.

This one is more like a documentary – Let’s Generalize About Men

If you know literally any woman, you know someone who has done this. And now there’s an anthem.

For all our romance heroes out there – Fit Hot Guys Have Problems Too

Really? YES. They totally do, Karen.

Because this has happened to the best of us – Oh My God I Think I Like You

Here’s your jam for when a thing with a person gets a little too serious.


For the hopeless romantic and lover of Lemonade – Love Kernels

It’s a stretch BUT I’LL TAKE THAT TOO



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