Join the Frolic Facebook Community!

Join the Frolic Facebook Community!

By Frolic

FUN FACT about the Frolic community: it's pretty freakin' awesome. YOU'RE pretty freakin' awesome. So awesome, in fact, that for a while now, we've been running an intimate Facebook group where we've been reviewing our library of favorite books and films - and now we're ready to expand!

We're thrilled to open up the group to more people - our Facebook group is a safe, personal place where our users can post about anything the Frolic community should know about! Ask about personal recs, or even tell people what they HAVE to be reading.

So how can you join?

Just click HERE and request to join the group!

You're more than welcome to peruse the reviews we've already posted, but we're interested in hearing from YOU. For each conversation created by a Frolic user on the Facebook group, you'll be eligible to win a fun prize that we will be giving away each week! Details will be available once you're officially a member.

So what are you waiting for? Go and CHECK OUT our library!

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Frolic is a celebration of happily ever afters. When you want to leap into your happy place. When you need a good cry. When you want to let loose and escape into your magic hour. That’s when we Frolic.

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