Kiera Cass: “I don’t know where my shoes are, and please escort me to the dance floor, thank you.”

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[Note From Frolic: Our resident YA expert Aurora Dominguez got the opportunity to interview author Kiera Cass and ask her five(ish) questions. Kiera’s novel The Betrothed is out May 5th!]

The Betrothed by Kiera Cass
Aurora: What was your inspiration behind your most recent novel?

Kiera Cass: Much like The Selection, The Betrothed is marrying a few stories, but these two are both actual moments in history. First, the War of the Roses (about 1455-1487 AD) and second, Ruth from The Bible (hard to pinpoint, but between 1375-1040 BC). Through the War of the Roses, the crown changed hands seven times in about 30 years. That’s mayhem! And there are some pretty strong and determined women in this era. Their roles in the outcome of history were so vital, so I pulled from them. Also, the fashion of Tudor Era England that comes right after? I love it! So that’s in there.

And Ruth… I can’t say enough about her. She has some very difficult experiences in her life but is loyal and faithful throughout. She’s seeking truth, and she not only finds it, but ends up being grafted into a royal line. She’s a pretty amazing lady. So, that’s the start of everything, and it all focused into the person of Hollis.

What character do you most relate to and why?

I’m a little too Hollis-y. Everything’s a game, I don’t know where my shoes are, and please escort me to the dance floor, thank you.

Why do you feel books with powerful and relatable fantasy characters are so popular and have such a voice right now?

I don’t know! Personally, I just like writing books that help people take a break from life. That’s usually my goal. Adding fantasy elements or a different time period help me take a breath from the here and now.

Please describe the content of your latest book and what can readers expect from the read.

Drama and kissing. That’s kinda my thing. ; )

What’s next for you in the book world?

Well, first up is the sequel to The Betrothed (which I’m polishing up and am IN LOVE with, by the way!), and then at least one more book after that.

Who is your favorite writer right now and why?

Ruta Sepetys! If you like historical fiction, her books have to be on your list!

Why do you feel romance is such a draw right now, especially with strong female characters?

Falling in love never gets old!

Which character in The Betrothed was the most intriguing to write and why?

Actually, there’s a character that gets a little bit of screen time in book one but much more in book two. I like them so much! But I’m keeping that to myself for now. Wink, wink.

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