Kim Possible Had the TROPEyest Romance Ever

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable: Tropes

Let’s be honest: Kim Possible is, quite simply , one of the best cartoons ever made. It followed teenager Kim Possible, cheerleader by day, crime fighter by night. One of our favorite things about the show was that Kim was girly and tough as nails all at once. It showed us that we could be like that, too! And though there was so much more to the show than just the romance between Kim and her trusty sidekick, Ron Stoppable–they actually didn’t get together until The Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama– when looking back, we couldn’t help but notice just how many tropes these two fall into! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite romantic antics from throughout the series.

1. The Slow Burn

As mentioned above, Kim and Ron didn’t officially get together untl the fourth and final season of Kim Possible. This saw the slow-burn of their relationship for three whole seasons and two movies before they finally admitted their feelings for one another! Though we’re a little more focused on Kim’s crazy good gymnastics and fighs with Shego throughout the first three seasons, Kim and Ron’s slooow burn friends-to-lovers story makes us feel fuzzy inside.

2. Geeky Hero
Ron Stoppable was SUCH a fanboy! Sure, he was mostly fanboy-ing over his favorite fast-food joint, Bueno Nacho, but fanboy he was nonetheless. Ron taught us that it’s okay to love what you want unabashedly, because it might just lead to a million-dollar idea. Like the Naco
3. Overprotective Heroine

Is this a trope? It should be. While we normally see overprotective heroes, KP was way ahead of the curve with all of the rescuing she did of Ron! Watching her worry about her best friend and eventually BF is too cute.

4. Friends to Lovers

Have we mentioned that Kim and Ron were best friends for three seasons before they FINALLY got togehter!? Their wholesome transition from friends to lovers has us squealing.

5. Body Swap

Ok, this one isn’t a trope but…these two literally SWAPPED BODIES in one episode! And DIDN’T MAKE IT WEIRD! We challenge even the strongest of couples to do the same.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane! We’ll be rewatching some of our favorites this weekend. How about you guys?


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