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Never did I ever think self-isolation would become my new norm, but here we are Babes, day-who-knows-what and this new way of life is a thing! What I wouldn’t give to peruse the shelves of Barnes and Noble with a Twix Frappuccino in hand with no particular title in mind. I have been reading quite a bit lately, and it is no secret that I am a lover of romance novellas. On days where I want to read, but not necessarily a full-length novel, these quicker reads have been coming through for me! They’ve been short, sexy and in less than an hour-to the point. So, I thought I’d share a few that I’ve read and really enjoyed in case you’re looking for a few quick reads to shake up and spice up your reading.

The Farmer’s Daughter by Jessa Kane 

I am an unapologetic Jessa Kane fangirl! She writes what she writes with no shame and I love that. Her novellas are very sexy and with each new release, I feel like she continues to outdo herself and push boundaries a little bit further than her last release. Cassie is the heroine in The Farmer’s Daughter and the book kicks off on her 18th birthday. The only thing she wants is Miles who has been working on her Dad’s farm for as long as she can remember, and Cassie is totally infatuated with him. Sweet, right? Well, in true Jessa Kane fashion, she throws a very sexy twist into the story, in the form of Sam Bolton. Cassie is adamant about, if I can’t have both I don’t want either one of you and the story goes from there. It’s so good!

Sweet On You by Hope Ford

This is book 3 in Hope Ford’s Alpha Hero series and honestly, I think this is a series you should read in order but remember these are novellas and each book I’ve read so far in it is less than 60 pages. Sweet On You though has by far been my favorite. The series involves a group of firefighters, each book being their romances and this one is Zach’s romance with Shannon. Shannon hasn’t been able to get Zach off her mind since they met 6 weeks prior and she is up front about her wanting him to take her out. Zach is truthful about the fact that he doesn’t date, doesn’t do relationships. These two end up having a night together and what I like that Hope Ford does after this one night stand and agreement to not mention it to any of their mutual friends is, Shannon, who is crazy about Zach and would absolutely love more with him, is the one who sticks to her guns. She’s determined to get Zach out of her system and not get hurt by chasing after this guy who is up front about not doing relationships. It’s Zach who has to sit idly by as their mutual friends try hooking Shannon up with other guys, can’t get her off his mind and struggles with, is she changing the game for him?  He comes to recognize he either needs to change up his way of doing things or he’ll have to watch her end up with someone else. All of this in a very short book, and I loved it!

Professor Maxwell by Loni Ree

If Alpha Heroes are your thing, you have to give Professor Maxwell a read! This quick read is the romance between Reid and Tori, and Reid is such an Alpha hero that Tori refers to him as Alphahole. He is a bit extreme! Tori actually goes to college with Reid’s sister and from the moment their paths cross, he is set on making Tori his. This is book 1 in Loni Ree’s, Love At First Sight series and I am very excited to continue on with it.

Remembering A Witch by Lauren Connolly

I am a complete sucker for a good reincarnation romance so although I was in the middle of like five other books, when I came across Remembering A Witch, I set them aside, one-clicked the hell out of this one and started reading! Fenella comes from a long line of seers and learns that she is the reincarnation of one of her ancestors, Marbella. She is having these continuous visions of Marbella and her love, Henry. One day while walking her dog, her pup gets loose and runs up to this gentleman and when Fenella runs up to meet him and sees his face, she recognizes him from her visions, he is Henry, reincarnated. I wish this book had 300 more pages, but it absolutely worked as a quick read. One of the quotes I highlighted and sums up the love story perfectly is, “Marbella and Henry filled my forest with their love once, and they deserved more time.  Fear of the future has killed many promising romances. I hope you do not become another set of casualties.”

You’re Waffle-y Cute by Frankie Love 

This is book 6 in Frankie Love’s The Way To A Man’s Heart series. This entire series consists of quick reads, gorgeous covers and food pun titles. This one has the youngest couple of the series; they are in high school when the story kicks off. It’s the romance between Billie and Bailey. They attended middle school together and Billie had a huge crush on Bailey. Then one day, she stopped showing up to school.  Now it’s their senior year and she’s back in town but is definitely hiding something. I don’t want to give too much away but Billie is determined to make things right for Bailey and he really steps up and becomes a man for the both of them. I loved this one so much.

I hope you are well Babes and staying safe. I hope you’re finding time to take care of yourselves and squeeze a little reading time into your day. I read all of these on Kindle Unlimited, so if any sound interesting to you, definitely go get your one-click on!

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