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When working from home, it’s easy to get burnt out listening to the same music all the time! We recommend these five shows, podcasts and albums to throw on while you’re working through the day!

Wake Up Sunshine by All Time Low

Many bands are dropping albums this month! We recommend All Time Low’s latest, which dropped last Friday. Good luck sitting still while rocking out to the new tracks.

Stuff they Don’t Want You to Know

Are you a fan of science, science fiction, conspiracy theories or all of the above? Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know covers all things conspiracy theories, from UFOs to ghosts to the dark web. Give it a listen. You’ll be hooked!

The Office GIF
The Office

There’s just something so soothing about that opening piano riff! Pick your favorite season and throw it on in the background. It’ll give you some much-needed laughter throughout the day. 

Purity ring Womb
WOMB by Purity Ring

Another recent album release! Purity ring is known for their sparkly synth chords and haunting vocals. This is the perfect album for getting into a creative headspace. 

Schitt’s Creek

This is a Frolic favorite! Though the final episode of Schitt’s Creek is airing soon, you can always revisit your favorite episodes on Netflix!

Stay safe, everyone!


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