Meghan Markle’s Wedding To Prince Harry Turned Into A Real-Life Romance Novel

Meghan Markle’s Wedding To Prince Harry Turned Into A Real-Life Romance Novel

by Joanne Eglash

On May 19, Meghan Markle's life forever changed when she and Prince Harry exchanged vows, rings, and the sweetest smile that turned her from a California actress into British royalty. Even before the wedding ceremony that caused sentimental viewers from around the world to reach for tissues, the tale of Meghan and Harry has increasingly become the real-life embodiment of a romance novel. Here's how the wedding provided the forever-and-ever happy ending that romance lovers cheered.

Pop culture watchers and romance book readers intersected on social media during and after the wedding. While those who follow pop culture gushed about the significance of the occasion (Meghan Markle walking alone halfway down aisle before Prince Charles joined her provided a reason to cheer for feminists), romance lovers swooned over that moment when Prince Harry tenderly lifted that exquisite veil from Meghan's face ("You look amazing," he whispered to her in a moment that seemed to be stolen from a romance novel).

Those seeking cultural significance from the wedding praised Meghan's and Harry's choice of The Most Rev. Michael Bruce Curry, who is the first black presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church. His sermon incorporated quotes from civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And that rendition of "Stand By Me" by a gospel choir enhanced the power of Markle's and her real-life prince's non-traditional choices for their wedding.

Meanwhile, romance book lovers are enjoying a happy ending that keeps on giving. Now known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan and Prince Harry danced all night at an evening reception on Saturday evening. The lovebirds returned on Monday morning to Kensington Palace, with Markle still charming in what People magazine referred to as her romantic "bridal messy bun" (those locks of hair framing her face were another romance novel touch).

After dancing the night away with their closest friends and family at their intimate evening reception at Frogmore House on Saturday evening, the newlyweds were spotted heading into Kensington Palace on Monday. And Meghan was still sporting her bridal “messy bun” — with a few extra tendrils framing her face.

What's next for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? After sharing their wedding with TV viewers and that first kiss outside the chapel with an ecstatically screaming crowd, Harry and Meghan are planning a private honeymoon in the near future.

And romance book lovers and pop culture observers united on Reddit in revealing what they wanted to happen next, with some wishing for a Bravo-style unscripted reality TV show so that they could watch their romantic relationship unfold.

As for us, we'll spend some time with Cordina's Royal Family series by our beloved Nora Roberts, including The Playboy Prince featuring the dapper playboy, Prince Bennett, and the self-assured Hannah Rothchild (sound familiar?).

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