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Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Hangouts from Romance Novels We Wish Were Real

Back when the TV show Cheers was in its first run, the fictional bar had its own set of fans. So much so, that...

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The Place of the Prickly Heroine in Historical Romance

If you read my original piece on prickly heroines in contemporary romance, you might have thought to yourself, “But wait! Contemporary is fine, but...

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“That’s My Secret, Cap. I’m always Angry.” Why I love Prickly Heroines

Back when I was fairly new to reading a lot of romance and deep in a Victoria Dahl backlist binge, I got on the...

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Giant Men Doing Soft Things

I had an epiphany the other day when I saw this Kristen Callihan tweet:I should mention, one of my current projects was inspired by...

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