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Diverse Book Corner: Latinx May Picks!

Bienvenidos to my Diverse Reads Corner! Come join me with a cup of cafecito and a pastelito for diverse book recs! As a Latinx...

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In Conversation With: Latinx Contemporary Author Janelle Milanes

1) What was your inspiration behind Analee, in Real Life and Victoria in My Head? The Victoria in My Head was something that I had...

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Mixtape Kind of Love: Musically Inspired Romances

Before Spotify and iTunes I was making playlists for every mood I have ever felt and every big event that has happened in my...

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Why Beta Book Boyfriends Are Better

Recently, I have been in a New Adult kick after reading Roomies by Christina Lauren. I wanted to dip into my extremely old TBR...

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List of Book Girlfriends I Would Ride or Die For

We all have book boyfriends that we love and fangirl over but in honor of Women’s History Month it’s time to honor the ladies...

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