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    Love Y.A.: Fantasy, Liars and Comas

    If Valentine’s Day left you heartbroken, these reads will surely mend your heart.We at Frolic believe that reading is the best therapy, especially when...

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    5 Questions with: Tamora Pierce author of ‘Tempests and Slaughter’

    Aurora: What...

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    Love Y.A.: Comics, a Bloodwitch and Mental Illness

    It’s almost Valentine’s Day! How about treating yourself to a new book, or books, to add to your TBR shelf?From romance sure to make...

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    5 Questions With: Victoria Lee, Author of ‘The Fever King’

    Aurora: What was...

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    Love YA: Hip-Hop, Smoke and First Kisses

    It’s the month of love, so why not love your shelf with some new reads this week?From fantasy to romance, we have everything you...

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