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Writing Time Slippage: A Q & A with Author Candace Osmond

I hold a very special place in my heart for time travel romances. I remember reading my first romance with time travel in it...

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Finding Strength in Vulnerability: Q&A With Author Maisey Yates

Once upon a time, I wouldn’t even think about reading a book if I knew it was part of a series. I preferred things...

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6 Readers on Why Romance Matters

Some Friday evenings after a long day at work, you go home, get relaxed and fall down the rabbit hole of scrolling through your...

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Give Novellas a Chance: A Conversation with Author Naima Simone

In my opinion, Naima Simone is nothing short of a rock star. When I first discovered The Wicked Wallflowers Club podcast in my search...

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Love, Life and Writing Advice from Kristin Rockaway

Do you remember the last time you read a book and immediately thought of all the questions you’d love to ask the author if...

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