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Heart-Swooning Romantic Lines

A great friend from childhood got married at the end of March, and I wrote the ceremony and vows for her. As an ordained...

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In Conversation With: Rachel Grant, Author of ‘Inferno’

What do a fake sheikh, a Russian oligarch and an American traitor have in common? They’re major players in Inferno, the newest installation of...

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March Romantic Suspense Round-Up

Hallelujah, spring has sprung, y’all! We’re finally leaving the days of freezing temperatures and snowfall in the rearview mirror and making our way toward...

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Happy Pi Day: Science is Sexy!

Nerds of the earth … rejoice! It’s Pi Day, and no other day puts so much focus on the mathematically and scientifically inclined. You’re...

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February Romantic Suspense Round-Up! 3 Books to Get Your Hands On ASAP

Valentine’s Day may fall in February, but the world of romance reminds us that the heart wants what the heart wants … regardless of...

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