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    #MerchMonday: Bring Back The Art Of Letter-Writing With Cute Stationery!

    Dearest Frolic Readers,In our digital age of tweets, texts and emails, isn’t it refreshing to hand-write a note? And isn’t it even more exciting...

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    #MerchMonday: Getting’ Green For St. Patrick’s Day!

    It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! And whether you’re planning a big weekend bash with friends or sticking to your normal routine, it’s generally in...

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    #MerchMonday: Be Your Own Valentine With These Pampering Products

    With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it seems like a great time to embrace some pampering so you can be your own Valentine no...

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    Four Ways To Have A Perfect Galentine’s Day

    Can I take a moment to be honest with you, dear Frolic readers? As much as I love romance novels and rom coms and...

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    Hot Diggity Dog! The Good Place Is Packed With Love Stories

    HEADS UP: This article contains spoilers for The Good Place through the current season!As one of the most critically-acclaimed and internet-adored shows currently airing...

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