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Emmy Nominations 2019: Let’s Hear It For Some Frolic Faves!

The nominations for this year’s Emmy awards just came out, and Frolic pop culture fans have plenty to be excited about!Let’s take a look...

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Mix Up Your Beach Reading Schedule With These Nonfiction Titles

Summer gets a reputation as the season for “beach reads.” Everyone expects a steamy romance or a shocking thriller to be the ideal beach...

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#MerchMonday: Match Your Nails To Some of The Summer’s Hottest Book Covers

Summer is well underway, which means I’m personally much more mindful about the state of my manicure and pedicure than I am any other...

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Celebrate International Kissing Day With These On-Screen Smooches

July 6th, the internet told me, is International Kissing Day. Since we love love here at Frolic, it only seems right to celebrate some...

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Revisiting Romance Podcasts: More Options For Hours of Entertainment

Last summer, one of my earliest pieces for Frolic was all about the magic of podcasts for romance fans. I still maintain that these...

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