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From Loose Canons to Beautiful Hot Messes: A Tour of Five Essential Lindsay Ellis Videos

If you aren’t familiar with Lindsay Ellis, I highly recommend checking her out on YouTube. Over the last many years, she’s been producing videos...

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Re-Reading Virginia Woolf and Finding A Room Of My Own

A decade after reading it for the first time in high school, I revisited A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf. The slim...

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In Praise of Pop Culture Comfort Shows

As a self-proclaimed lover of pop culture, I have a dirty little secret:For every new piece of prestige media that I watch, I rewatch...

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#MerchMonday: Ethical Goodies To Enjoy Through The Summer

It’s that time of year: we are moving full steam ahead toward summertime! For me, that often means I rework my wardrobe and habits...

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Hello: I’m Fat And I Loved Shrill on Hulu

Shrill, based on Lindy West’s autobiographical collection of essays with the same name, had its six-episode premiere on Hulu last week. For some, there...

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