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We’re obsessing over the ‘Aladdin’ remake and here’s why

When Disney was living out their film renaissance in the late 80s/early 90s, who would have thought that they'd be having a re-renaissance with...

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How To: Organize Your Bookshelf by Laura at HowToGYST

If your bookshelves...

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Daily Frolic: They’ve finally cast ‘The Hating Game’ and we are HERE FOR IT

Welcome to the Daily Frolic! The place for learning about one cool thing that’ll get you through the day.Lucy Hale as Lucy Hutton and...

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Frolic Interviews Director of ‘The Sun Is Also A Star’ Ry Russo-Young

Frolic: What is...

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How to Annoy Your Boss: A “You Probably Shouldn’t Do This” Max Monroe List

Being an adult is...

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