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Pair Your Favorite Summer Music Hits with These Fun Reads!

It’s Summertime! This is the time of vacations, the wind if your hair, the breeze on your face and if you live in the...

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New Adult Corner: June’s Top Picks!

I know that summer is definitely under way because this month has been packed with releases. This is the type of problem I want...

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Romance’s Favorite Dads!

This month we’re celebrating Father’s Day and what a better way to celebrate than with some romance novel Dad’s! The single dad, the accidental...

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New Adult Corner: May’s Top Picks!

Summer is here!!!!! These New Adult reads this month take us on a journey to new places! As I currently am in the peak...

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Between a Romance and a Hard Place: Books That Tackle the Hard Subjects

Romance has a reputation of being fluffy and light hearted. With articles naming romance books as beach reads and easy reads, it’s not hard...

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