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Face Value: “Natural” Beauty, Cosmetic Surgery, and the Woman You’re Not Supposed to Love in Romance Novels

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about Botox.Well, that’s oversimplifying it. It might be more accurate to say that lately, I’ve been thinking about...

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Exclusive: Cover Reveal of ‘Love Lettering’ by Kate Clayborn

Note From Frolic: We are so excited to share with you Kate Clayborn's adorable new cover for Love Lettering, out Jan. 28, 2020! About...

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The Friend Zone: Emotional Intimacy Between Men in Romance

I think a lot about friendship in romance.When I say “a lot,” I mean that I think about it almost as much as the...

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Passing the Smell Test in Romance: What It Really Means to Have Your Nose in a Book

A couple of months ago, I tweeted a simple photo that, as it happens, has an extremely potent connection to my smell loving romance...

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Grunt Work: When Your Romance Hero Can Barely Make a Sound by Kate Clayborn

Kate Clayborn here.In the first chapter of Sarah MacLean’s 2018 Wicked and the Wallflower, readers are introduced to Devil, who stands in the black of...

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