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The Heart of a Story: Highland Crown

What could be more pertinent to the suffering of the Scottish Highlanders during the Highland Clearances inflicted on them by the English king than...

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The Heart of a Story: Kiss and Cry

Kiss and Cry by Mina V. Esguerra is all about kilig (Tagalog), that sense of romantic excitement in a love story. Even as the...

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The Heart of a Story: American Dreamer by Adrianna Herrera

Everyone needs a Nesto Vasquez in their life. Someone who's there to welcome you home, comfort you with a hug just when you need...

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The Heart of a Story: Lady Notorious

Love expands your awareness of your surroundings, your sense of self, and how you see others. Love also gives you a oneness and a...

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The Heart of a Story: Crashing into Her by Mia Sosa

Biting humor really works in catching my attention. Pair that with sharp characterization and sharper dialogue, and I am hooked. Crashing Into Her by...

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