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It Beats the Alternative

I'm Kristen Ashley, and I have abnormal pap smears.Did you wince when you read that?Considering this event in the life of a female is...

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Enough. I’m Done Defending Romance.

My mother used to say things like, “Indiana strawberries are the best strawberries in the world.”And yet she had not traveled very far or...

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Do You Do You?: A Personal Essay By Kristen Ashley

Do You Do You?: A Personal Essay By Kristen AshleyBy Kristen AshleyLong ago, and yet it seems like yesterday, I arrived at...

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Being There For Each Other: A Personal Essay By Kristen Ashley

It came out of the blue. The email. I wasn’t expecting it. Never dreamed I’d get anything like it.I was thrown. Humbled. Honored.And weeping.It...

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Let’s Leave Fabio Out of It

“So, those are the books that have Fabio on the cover, right?”Ah yes, the age-old (or seemingly ages old, even though it’s not) question anyone not...

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