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Romancelandia Dream Male Leads

Confession: I can not read a book without a quick (haha—I mean exhaustive) tour around Pinterest to find face grabs for the lead characters....

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The Beauty of the Quiet Romance

If you read a lot of contemporary romance, you may have noticed that the trend right now seems to be spectacular out of the...

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Love In The Time Of Netflix: Kevin and Nora (The Leftovers)

On this month’s edition of LITTN, we’re going existential—as in double rainbow, what does it all mean? (congrats to anyone who got that reference)....

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Love In The Time Of Netflix: A Romance Writer’s Guide to the Best Ships on Television. Jim & Pam

I was recently in the middle of plotting a romance novel when I happened upon a quote from the movie Sleepless in Seattle. (I...

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Shipping Up to Romancelandia: How TV Made Me a Better Romance Writer

Romancelandia. When I started my writing career, I never thought I’d end up here. I wanted to be a horror writer, maybe some historical...

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