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Five Times My Jaw Dropped During the Supernatural Season Finale

Supernatural has never been a show that played it safe. The first season ended with a car wreck that smashed the Winchesters’ beloved Impala...

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You Know You Love Something When It Hurts To Say Goodbye

It’s a long-running joke on the internet and in the fandom that Supernatural is never going to end. The show has been on for...

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Supernatural Celebrates 300 Episodes – and the Return of Papa Winchester!

February was a banner month for the long-running television show Supernatural – the show aired its 300th episode! That is a rare achievement for...

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300 Episodes and Going On 15 Seasons – Why Supernatural Defies The Odds!

Supernatural fans got the good news that the show has been renewed for a 15th season last week, the same day that a new...

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Happy New Year! What Will 2019 Bring for Supernatural’s Team Free Will?

Supernatural has never been one of those shows that wraps things up neatly before a break with a pretty red bow so you can...

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