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Romance Rarities Bingo

There are certain things almost every romance novel has: softness pressing into hardness, a perfect glide into a heroine’s sheath, absolutely massive hammer dicks,...

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Self Care and Book Pairings: YOGA!

Ah, January, you temperamental wench. A month that starts with the highest of hopes can easily slip into winter misery and failed resolutions. It’s...

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I Declare 2020 the Year of Big Ovary Energy

Sure, big dick energy is great, I’m a huge fan of cocksure heroes and irl men, but it’s time to stop emulating a giant...

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A Love Letter to Virgin Heroes

I’m about to make a very bold statement. I, Mazey Eddings, have decided on a favorite romance trope: The Virgin Hero. This isn’t to say...

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My toolkit for Battling Seasonal Affective Disorder

I don’t know about you all, but there seems no worse way to start off every year than the dog days of January grayness....

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