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March Horoscopes and Book Recs!

Welcome to your March horoscopes and book recs. What do the literary stars have in store for you?Aries (March 21- April 19) As we head...

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Perfect Pairings: Girl Scout Cookies and Romance Tropes

It’s that time of year where small children go door to door and sell drugs--I mean cookies. It’s Girl Scout Cookie season, the best...

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If You Like Greek Mythology, You’ll Love These Podcasts!

Every Sunday morning, something magical and wonderful happens, Rachel Smythe (and her amazing team) gift us with another episode of the Webtoon original Lore...

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What to Read if You Love Outlander

Outlander Season 5 is FINALLY here! We all know that this season is going to go by quickly, probably too quickly and then we...

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Perfect Pairings: Desserts and Romance Tropes!

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts, and I know that one should never turned to desserts when they are stressed it’s just in our human...

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