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Unrequited Love in Romance: When Secret Yearning Becomes True Love

I have a quirk when it comes to reading romance, one I’ve shared here at Frolic before. I love watching characters suffer.Perhaps it comes...

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My Passion for Indie Romance

When I started writing romance, it was because I loved the genre and wanted to create my own stories and worlds within in. Like...

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My Tribute to Librarians in Romance

Librarians have always been my rock stars.I suppose it couldn’t be helped. I’ve found my refuge in libraries for a long time. When I...

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Why ‘Sex Education’ Should Be Your Next Series Binge

Not long ago, my husband and I were scrolling through the offerings on Netflix and stumbled upon a new series. Within minutes, we were...

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Make Them Suffer: An Author Unleashes Her Inner Maleficent

Lately, I’ve been in the process of finishing one book, and I’m already thinking about plotting the next. I’m hoping to embark on something...

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