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“Is it hot in here, or is it just me?”: Menopausal Characters in Romance Novels

Recently, I’ve felt a change coming on.No, really. I’ve felt “the change” coming on. That’s right. I am a perimenopausal woman.I think I first noticed...

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Trapped Together: The Delicious Tension of Forced Proximity Romances

Picture it. New York. 2019.via GIPHYA young woman (we’ll call her “Sophia”) works late at the office, desperate to snag a promotion. The frustratingly-gorgeous...

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#WeTheNorth: Canadian Romance Authors You Need to Know

As I write this, the Toronto Raptors have just won game 4 of the NBA Finals. It’s fair to say, the phrase “We the...

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Unrequited Love in Romance: When Secret Yearning Becomes True Love

I have a quirk when it comes to reading romance, one I’ve shared here at Frolic before. I love watching characters suffer.Perhaps it comes...

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My Passion for Indie Romance

When I started writing romance, it was because I loved the genre and wanted to create my own stories and worlds within in. Like...

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