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Sam’s Song Recs: Lovers on the Run

My favorite kinds of novels involve the protagonists falling for each other amid danger, destruction and high stakes. Hiding out in abandoned buildings and...

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Sam’s Song Recs: A Playlist for Your Next Romantic Road Trip

Though summer may be coming to a close, there’s still time for once last road trip! And what does every great road trip need?...

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Sam’s Song Recs: 10 First Date Songs to Break the Ice

There are few things in this world that make me more nervous than a first date. And because I struggle with severe day-to-day anxiety,...

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Sam’s Song Recs: A Playlist to Inspire Your Slow-Burn Romance

While there are so many delightful tropes in the romance world, I have a personal favorite: the slow burn. Maybe these characters lock eyes...

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Ten Love Songs that Make the Perfect Playlist

It’s Friday! Get up and dance with this playlist of ten love songs to make you feel all the feels. No Good by Drive!Drive!Drive!Drive! is...

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