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Frolic Interviews: Indie Romance Author Stefanie Simpson

[Note from Frolic: Frolic contributor Sarah Smith had the chance to interview self-published British contemporary romance author Stefanie Simpson. Be sure to check out...

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Why The Meet-Hate Is My All-Time Favorite Romance Trope

Did you know that April is National Couple Appreciation Month? Aww! And what better way to celebrate than a post about my favorite way...

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7 Book Boyfriends Worthy Of A Hall Pass

We’ve all joked about the idea of a hall pass. It’s that hypothetical agreement with your partner where you allow each other to step...

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How To Write A Killer Book Boyfriend

If there’s one thing I’m confident about, it’s that I write a damn good book boyfriend. And even though I have just one published...

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I’m a Romance Writer Who Had an Unromantic Wedding and Here’s Why

Did you know that romance authors live in a world of constant meet-cutes and swoon-worthy gestures, just like the stories we write? That we...

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