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7 Songs From My Unconventional Wedding Playlist and Why I Love Them

Some of you may recall my previous post about my very unromantic wedding and how it was nontraditional in every sense of the word....

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8 Reasons Why You Should Download the HOOKED App

Have you heard of the app Hooked? No? Well, get ready because it’s a whole new way to read romance. This app features short...

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My 8 Must-Haves When Writing Romance

Like many authors, I’m particular about my writing space. I can’t face a wall while I’m writing. I hate writing while sitting in an...

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Frolic Interviews: Indie Military Romance Author Avery Kingston

[Note from Frolic: Frolic contributor Sarah Smith had the chance to interview self-published romance author Avery Kingston. Be sure to check out Avery’s Fire...

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6 Romance Movie Recommendations For Every Mood

My love for romance isn’t just limited to books. I’m a sucker for a killer romance movie. I love them all — everything from...

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