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Love Emoji Dictionary: the best emojis to send to your Significant Other

The average 2019 relationship starts with a Tinder swipe and ends with a break-up text. Let’s face it—we’re a bunch of digital looney birds...

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5 Romance Tips Carrie Bradshaw Taught Us in Sex and the City

What do you get when you have one hot-shot columnist, a sensible attorney, a PR expert who happens to be a sex addict, and...

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8 Book Series Every Die-Hard Twilight Fan Needs to Read

14 years after the first Twilight book was published, it feels like the famous vampire book series is a relic of the past. The...

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6 Poems to Read if You Love Rupi Kaur

Roses are red, violets are… milk and honey? If you’ve been around the poetry block, chances are you’ve stumbled across the queen of modern...

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